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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of October 1, 1976 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



Rescue workers recover over 600 bodies after a hurricane hit La Paz, Mexico.

Jimmy Carter accuses the ford Administration of “twice… bowing down to foreign blackmail” in pushing missile sales to Saudi Arabia and in opposing congressional action against the Arab boycott of American firms, which have Jewish directors or ties with Israel.

Henry Kissinger said in a speech before the U.N. General Assembly that southern Africa is on the road to peace and racial justice, but warned that outside powers are “fueling the flames of war and racial hatred.”

Rosalyn Carter says her name is supposed to be pronounced “Rose-A-Lyn” but all her life, she’s been called “Ros-A-Lyn.”

Campaigning in Hartford, Jimmy Carter accuses President Ford of neglecting this economically depressed region and promised a crowd of 10,000 that as president, he would treat it fairly.

Gallup Poll – Jimmy Carter’s lead over President Ford drops to 8%. The previous survey, he held an 18-point lead.

Presidential debate (San Francisco) – President Ford charged that Jimmy Carter would weaken the nation’s defenses. Jimmy Carter accused Ford of knuckling under to the Russians and Arabia. Those who saw the debate said it was a tie. 

Earl Butz, resigns as secretary of agriculture in the face of a seething protest against an obscene gibe he had uttered about blacks.    

The Orient Express, in popular myth the luxurious preserve of aristocrats, spies and elegant women on journeys between Paris and Istanbul, will end service next May. The express was inaugurated in 1883, when a six-wheel locomotive steamed out of Paris pulling a handful of sleepers and a dining car across the empires of Europe to the edge of the Orient. Passengers from Turkey to Paris will not have to change at Belgrade to a new express to Venice and from there, take the regular Venice-to-Paris train.

In a rare television interview Soviet Communist Party boss Leonid I. Brezhnev restated Kremlin policy on détente and other international issues and predicted that the soviet Union would enjoy “a very good harvest of grain crops” this year. His remarks were made during a French TV interview which was seen all over Europe.


Technology news – October 1, 1976

Xerox’s new color duplicating copier is causing a problem – a wave of counterfeit money orders, payroll checks, stock certificates, U.S. and foreign currencies and other negotiable documents. The machine in question is the Xerox 6500 color copier, which sells for around $26,000.


Sports news – October 1, 1976

Baltimore Orioles Brooks Robinson is at bat for the last time, and gets a standing ovation. After playing in 97% of Baltimore’s games from mid-1959 through last May, Robinson was only a part-time performer for the remainder of the 1976 season.

Rick Forzano, the embattled head coach of the Detroit Lions whose job had been on the line for the past few weeks, submits his resignation.

Muhammad Ali announces his retirement, saying he will devote his life to the cause of Islam. Let’s see. He’s been offered $10 million to fight George Foreman and as of now, The World Boxing Council said it will continue to recognize George Foreman as No. 1 contender for the heavyweight championship. The World Boxing Assn said it will recognize the winner of a Ken Norton-George foreman match as world champion – when officially notified Ali had retired. 


Entertainment /Celebrity news – October 1, 1976

 Louise Lasser, star of the syndicated “Mary Hartman” soap opera, says she is seeing a psychiatrist rather than attending drug rehabilitation classes after her arrest in Beverly Hills for possession of cocaine. She told “Tomorrow” show host Tom Snyder that “the judge said it would, in effect, be penalizing me for my celebrity” to order her to attend the classes. She’s the ex-wife of comedian/filmmaker Woody Allen.


Music news – October 1, 1976

 A&M Records files a $10 million damage suit against George Harrison for allegedly backing out of a deal to record four solo albums. The action also seeks to dissolve Harrison’s Dark Horse record company and to forbid him from recording until the suit is heard. A&M contends that under the terms of their partnership agreement, Harrison was obligated to repay a $1 million advance if his first album was not submitted by July 26 of this year. A&M contends that Harrison has not returned the money, part of the $2.6 million A&M put into Harrison’s label. A Harrison spokesman says the July deadline was postponed by mutual agreement, because Harrison was ill in London with hepatitis.


Television news – October 1, 1976

Jane Pauley (25) a newscaster at WMAQ-TV Chicago, will be the next “Today” show co-host, replacing Barbara Walters – who joins Harry Reasoner as co-anchor of the ABC-TV evening news this week. Jane Pauley will join Tom Brokaw as the permanent replacement for Ms. Walters. 

The Don Ho Show, a new daily comedy-variety program starring Don Ho as host and originating at Waikiki Beach, will premier on ABC mornings beginning October 25.

ABC, the winner in last week’s Nielsens covering the first week of the new TV season, places seven of the top-10 shows in the latest ratings. The network also claimed high audiences for its new newscast with Harry Reasoner and Barbara Walters. 

Tom Sullivan, a blind actor – makes his dramatic acting debut on MASH, playing a soldier blinded in battle.

Lorenzo Music, who does the slushy-voiced of character “Carl the Doorman” on Rhoda and who helped create the successful CBS sitcom, has his own show. He and his wife Henrietta Music are beginning a new variety series, first shown on KTTV Los Angeles this week. The show is syndicated. 


Some top movies – October 1, 1976

Silent Movie

Car Wash – Richard Pryor

St. Ives – Jacqueline Bisset, Charles Bronson

Murder By Death

Bad News Bears


Vigilante Force

Drums – Warren Oates

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