Who Are the Top 10 Most Successful Artists of the 2010s

Cover art for Adele's 25 album

The 2010s have been a great decade for music. Many new and talented artists have emerged, and some have even achieved mainstream success. So, who are the top 10 most successful artists of the 2010s? Let’s take a look! Lady Gaga Lady Gaga has sold millions of records and won multiple Grammy … Read more

What Were Some of the Crazy Fads of the 2010s?

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The 2010s has been one of the most eventful decades for many people. Besides being very memorable, the 2010s is also filled with dozens of fads and trends that have become quite popular in many countries around the world. Trends aren’t only seen in fashion in the 2010s, as they are also … Read more

Fashion Trends that Defined the 2010s

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In the 2010s, fashion was highlighted by a range of subcultures that met the world stage, from normcore to the British royal family’s popularity. In addition to that, logomania, athleisure, and the occasional fascinator led the decade style-wise. Aside from those, the fashion industry in the 2010s also experienced thoughtful cultural shifts … Read more

Highlights of the Major Pop Culture Trends of the 2010s

Highlights of 2010s

Just a few months back we said our goodbyes to 2019 and now we are about to be done with the roaring 2020. Not only does this mark the end of a year but a decade as well. Technology in general surpassed human imagination and created new ways for artists to share … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the year 2019

61st Annual Grammys

According to the US, 2019 was probably the most happening year of the decade. It brought us a lot. On the political front, it was the third time in history that the House of Representatives voted to impeach the president of the U.S. Furthermore, several huge climate change movements were born. This … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the Year 2016


Today, after four years if we look back at 2016, what should we remember it for? Each year has its share of upheaval but 2016 seemed to bring more than any. To begin with, the political front was rocked with Brexit and Donald Trump becoming the president. Furthermore, an Orlando gay club … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the Year 2017

59th Grammys

2017 felt like it went by way too fast. Although many people have been through a lot this year as well we can only hope that 2018 is better. Even though 2017 mostly featured garbage fire moments but we were lucky to have some in our caps that could make us feel … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the Year 2018

60th Annual Grammys

The year 2018 was a serious one. While the years before were full of surprises and exciting, 2018 comparatively raised the seriousness level. This was a year of defining moments. Mostly, occupied by politics, pop culture did not get to receive its fair share of the spotlight but that does not mean … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the year 2015


As the year 2015 concluded, it was time to look back at some events that helped shape the year. It was a time when financial, global, and economic crises were at their peak but atleast we had something to cheer ourselves with. The world of television and film kept us distracted. Throughout … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the year 2014

56th Grammys

While 2013 was an exciting year for pop culture, 2014 was nothing less. It featured several monumental pop culture events. For instance, Emma Watson stepped ahead to fight for women’s rights while Taylor Swift asked everyone to shake it off. At the same time, there were some unfortunate events that couldn’t be … Read more

Pop Culture in review for the year 2011

Britney Spears-Hold It Against Me

Pop culture is a continuous phenomenon, it does not take a break. The year 2011 was a breaking point for many reasons. From Hollywood to politics, many important events took place that we can today remember and look back. The year 2011 was not any different than previous yearsinterms of both good … Read more