What Were the Major Fashion Trends of the 60s?

woman in a minidress, chair, picture frame, radio, books, handbag

Fashion in the early 1960s was more reminiscent of the 1950s— restrained and conservative; indeed, more classic in design and style. On the contrary, fashion in the late 1960s was the exact opposite. Vivid and bright-swirling colors—tie-dye shirts, psychedelic, and long beard and hair were a standard. Women wore remarkably short skirts … Read more

What was the Hippie Movement of the 60s?

Jimi Hendrix, psychedelic background

The influential hippie cultural movement arose in the early 1960s and grew into a prime international collective as it gained popularity and expanded. Nowadays, the term “hippie” is usually used as a derogatory title and remains a complicated term often used to isolate many left-leaning groups or parties.  Perhaps you’re curious about … Read more

Guide to Computing Technology of the 60s

programming codes

The 1960s experienced a technological revolution from the beginning of the decade to the end. There was a massive boom of technology happening worldwide. From software breakthroughs to landing the first man on the moon, the decade showed how powerful technology could be when the responsibility of progress wasn’t only left in … Read more

Whatever Happened to Barbara Walters?

Barbara Walters with President Gerald Ford

Barbara Walters is a popular broadcast journalist in the United States. She is also an author and television personality. She is famous for her interviewing ability and popularity with viewers. Through the years, she appeared as the host of many different television programs, such as the ABC Evening News, Today, 20/20, and … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the Year 1968

First supersonic passenger aircraft introduced in 1968

Famous events around the globe define a time period’s pop culture. This pop culture is an important factor on how people live their lives. It changes perspectives and the thinking process of people towards different aspects. Pop culture includes major events and happenings such as sports news, technological advancement, general news and … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the Year 1969

37th President of America, Richard Nixon, with singer Elvis Presley

Pop culture refers and it comprises different events, episodes, happenings in the society of a country. Pop culture not only caters to the social aspects or beliefs of a country, but it also streams its film industry, music, important discoveries or inventions in the technological field and sports events. 1969 is regarded … Read more

Highlights of the Major Pop Culture Trends of the 1960s

One of the most important events of the 1960s when man first stepped on the moon. Picture of Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon

The decade of the 1960s is considered as a cultural decade since most of the changes and happenings this year were more significant in terms of culture and aesthetics. The decade of sixties is also called as “Swinging Sixties” as it had a youth driven cultural revolution focused on relaxation of the … Read more