Remembering Baby Jessica’s Rescue

A view of a well from inside

Children are curious creatures; they usually want to explore their surroundings and can often stray away from their parents when focused on an adventure. Many times, a child could be out of sight from their parents and get into some serious trouble. Kids who love to climb trees can fall and break … Read more

What Were Some of the Crazy Fads of the 80s?

With every decade come new crazy fads, and just like the 80s had their own share in providing us with something to talk about today. The 80s was when people indulged in some of the most questionable fashion trends and found it very normal. Not just fashion but even the toys from … Read more

Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Saved By The Bell

Cast of Saved by the Bell

Saved By the Bell is an American television sitcom. It was created by Sam Bobrick for NBC. It was first broadcasted in 1989. With four seasons, Saved by The Bell had the television on Saturday morning. Until then, the airwaves were dominated by cartoons. The cartoons did not appeal to the teens … Read more

Iconic Fashion Moments of the 1980s

Princess Diana wearing a skirt suit

The 1980s are known to be a decade of colors, silhouettes, and bold style. The decade has not influenced our wardrobes for a long time recently, but when you think of it, all of the most current trends today are courtesy of the 1980s. Some of the trends in this era include … Read more

Books Inspired by Pop Culture in the 1980s

the 1980s is known as the decade for economic advancement

Many people believe that the vintage time was one of the best ones and the world where we live now has so many troubles for everyone. Indeed it’s true. With the advancement in technology and changes in mass media, the negative traits have definitely overcome the positive ones. Many authors have raised … Read more

Whatever Happened to the Cast of ‘The Facts of Life?’

title screen of The Facts of Life in the ‘80s

The Facts of Life is a television sitcom in America that is created by Dick Clair and Jenna McMahon. It was a spin-off of “Different Strokes,” and it originally aired on NBC from 1979 to 1988, making it one of the longest sitcoms in the 1980s. The television series revolves around the … Read more

Whatever Happened to the Cast of The Golden Girls?

The Golden Girls title logo

The Golden Girls is a television sitcom in the US that was aired on NBC from 1985 to 1992. It is created by Susan Harris and had a total of 180 half-hour episodes in seven seasons. It starred Beatrice Arthur, Betty White, Estelle Getty, and Rue McClanahan as four older women who … Read more

80s Sitcoms That Are Still Enjoyed Today

Cast of the famous 80s sitcom, The Family Ties.

If you have ever thought about what brought a revolution to the Hollywood and tele-media industry, it is the decade of the 80s. It was a whirlwind decade consisting of all types of metal bands gaining popularity, horror films, sitcoms, and fun entertainment for the whole family. The classic fans have always … Read more

Key Historical Events of the Year 1983

President Reagan meeting with Congress on the invasion of Grenada

History holds the most important place in our lives. Knowing about what happened in the past years increases your knowledge and craves you to learn more about the world. How the world has developed, what kind of historical events took place in each successive year, everything is a part of history. If … Read more

Highlights of the Major Pop Culture Trends of the 1980s

A Sony Walkman

The 1980s is one decade that we can’t seem to forget. The television shows of that time are being rebooted today, while remakes of the 80s movies are already out or in the works. The fashions, styles, and several other aspects of that decade are also attractive to many of us. Perhaps … Read more

Pop Culture In Review for the Year 1989

The Batman symbol on the front of a car

The last year of the 1980s decade saw some very important events. There were some very memorable movies in both the live-action and animated categories. At the same time, the political scene was also rife with vital events that shaped the future. Here’s a brief look at several of the most major … Read more