Popular Home Decor Items of the 1980s

There were different decades when colorful furniture became trendy, and the 1980s was one of them. In the 80s, there were many pieces of furniture that were available in different colors and patterns, but there were also pieces that were simple enough to fit almost anywhere in the house. To learn more, here are the popular home décor items of the 1980s.

Bamboo Furniture

The popularity of bamboo furniture in the 1980s was massive, thanks to its appearance in numerous scenes in the popular sitcom “The Golden Girls,” which originally ran from 1985 to 1992. The show featured an ensemble cast composed of veteran actresses Bea Arthur, Betty White, Estelle Getty, and Rue McClanahan, who played four older women who were living together in Miami, Florida. In the living room scenes, the four actresses would sit on bamboo sofas and chairs, and then would occasionally place items on a bamboo table.

The high viewer ratings of The Golden Girls sparked a bamboo furniture craze in the mid-1980s. If you want to have bamboo furniture at home, read our Nostalgic 80s Home Décor Ideas for more information on what specific pieces to get.

Lucite Tables and Chairs

Lucite chairs

Lucite, a trade name or brand for poly(methyl methacrylate) or PMMA, was a synthetic polymer or plastic that was popularly used in the 1980s as a material for furniture like chairs and tables. What makes Lucite interesting as a furniture material is that it allows an object to have a transparent or translucent look while still being durable enough to withstand the weight of people and items that will be placed on top of it. Many homeowners would place Lucite tables and chairs in their kitchens, while a few would put those pieces of furniture in their bedrooms. Besides looking great, these Lucite furniture pieces were also relatively lightweight, so they could be carried or transported from one area to another easily.

Lace Curtains

lace curtain with flower patterns

In the 1980s, lace curtains that had various shapes and patterns sewn into them were very popular. These curtains are typically used on windows, but some people use them as a backdrop for beds so that they would appear like a fake bed curtain or canopy. Lace is a type of textile that is sewn loosely, which would then make it look translucent. Because of their translucent nature, lace curtains aren’t effective in blocking sunlight from entering a specific room of the house. So, in order to solve this drawback, lace curtains are often paired with heavy curtains that are made of velvet.

Velvet Curtains

yellow velvet curtain

Velvet curtains are paired with lace curtains since they are more effective in blocking sunlight, as they are made from thicker materials. Velvet curtains, as their name already suggests, are made from velvet, a fabric that is known for its soft and plush texture. To make the curtains on the windows look amazing, most homeowners would place lace curtains in the middle and sandwich them with velvet curtains. In the 80s, velvet curtains could be quite pricey because of the premium silk used to make them, but in today’s era, some velvet curtains are very affordable since they are made from cheaper materials like cotton and synthetic fibers.

Neon Signs

Neon Signs

Neon signs were abundant in the 1980s, as it was a creative and colorful way for many establishments like clubs, bars, and restaurants to attract customers, as the colors shining brightly through molded glass tubes were mesmerizing to look at. In the 80s, producing neon light signs could be pricey, which is why only a few homes had neon signs or lights. However, neon signs are much more affordable today, so if you have always wanted to have neon signs in your room since your childhood or teenage years in the 80s, you now have the opportunity to fulfill that dream.

Floral Bed Covers

floral bed covers

Floral bed covers were also very popular in the 1980s, as they can help elevate the overall look of the bed by simply adding floral patterns. Floral bed covers have been around since

the 18th century, but it was in the 80s when they became more common and accessible. Because of how elegant floral bed covers look, they are still quite popular today, although they aren’t as commonly used as solid-colored bed covers, as the trend in recent years is focused more on simplicity rather than extravagance.

But, if you want to make your bedroom look lively and colorful, then you have the choice of using floral bed covers. You can also add posters of your favorite 80s movies in your room. Check out our Nostalgic 80s Gift Ideas to know more about 80s movie posters and other 80s-themed items that can be perfect as decorations or as gifts to your loved ones.

Palm Tree Pots

small palm plant in a pot

There were a lot of living rooms in the 1980s that had palm tree pots next to tables and sofas, as these pots were considered to be very trendy during that decade. The palm trees that are placed in the pots are shrubs, which are significantly smaller than the palm trees that you would usually see on beaches. Palm trees can be very delicate, so a homeowner would need to take good care of them so that the trees would still look healthy and beautiful. Today, if you don’t have the time to take care of plants, you can just get artificial palm tree pots that are made of plastic so that you don’t have to water them regularly.

Those are the popular home décor items in the 1980s. Fortunately, many of the items we have mentioned above are still available for purchase, so if you want to make your home look like it came from the 1980s, you can buy the pieces of furniture from our created list.