The Impact of American Idol on Pop Culture

The original logo of American Idol

One of the most popular singing competition shows in the United States is American Idol, which originally aired on June 11, 2002, on the commercial broadcast TV network Fox. American Idol is an iconic singing competition show, and it is popular not only in the United States but also in other countries … Read more

The Impact of Big Brother on Pop Culture

photograph of George Orwell

Reality TV shows have been popular for many decades, but there are a few that stood the test of time and are still being aired today with multiple seasons. One of these timeless TV shows is Big Brother, a reality competition series that originated in the Netherlands. Big Brother features contestants commonly … Read more

Why is The Amazing Race So Popular?

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The Amazing Race is regarded as one of the most popular reality shows in the history of TV. What’s great about The Amazing Race is that the races for each season are set in different parts of the world, so the scenes in the show are truly breathtaking and are appealing to … Read more

How much of Survivor is real?

A wrecked fishing boat in a seashore

Survivor has captivated fans with drama and suspense for almost 40 seasons, spanning over two decades of production. Although most viewers watch Survivor for the drama between candidates or to discover who succeeds at surviving in the wilderness, fans who watch for pure realism may find that the show falls short of … Read more

Wrestlemania and its Impact on Pop Culture


Wrestlemania is now a global phenomenon, with many attractions other than just wrestling. The shows have musical acts, travel packages, and a significant celebrity draw as well. At some point, Wrestlemania  was just about straightforward wrestling matches over a one-day event. Now, it’s been extended to a whole weekend, sometimes long. Like … Read more

Thea Americn Sportsman: A Pioneer Reality TV Series

Friends What Made the TV Show So Popular

The American Sportsman is a television series that aired on ABC from 1965 to 1986 every Sunday afternoon. It’s one of the earliest reality series in American television, and one of the first hunting and fishing shows with celebrity guests This show presented filmed highlights of the program’s hosts and celebrities participating … Read more

The Fascinating Rise of Reality TV

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Reality television or reality TV is a type of television programming that documents allegedly unscripted real-life situations. This kindof television shows usually stars unknown people rather than professional actors. It was in the early 1990s when reality television first emerged with shows like The Real World. It became more popular in the … Read more