Pop Culture in Review for the Years 2000 to 2009

a woman wearing a pink tracksuit

The decade from 2000 to 2009 was full of iconic pop stars, fashion statements, trends, technology, unforgettable movies and music, and so much more. In short, it was the period when pop culture was on peak. And undoubtedly, there will not be any era as unique and fun as the 2000s. Want … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the Year 2003

Johnny Depp in 2003

Pop culture is a many-sided, ever-evolving field including not only entertainment, but science, technology, sports, and news as well. Numerous generations have witnessed the evolution of pop culture, andout of those many years, 2003 would always be at acme. The early years of the 2000s came with their share of trends and … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the Year 2001

President George W. Bush addressing the media at the Pentagon

Pop culture is a combination of art, sports, music, news, inventions, trends and lifestyle. The year 2001 proved to be a game changer year in US geopolitical position in post 9/11 Era. Technological revolution observed with Apple) store launch. Microsoft XP launched and outclassed all existing operating systems for networking as well … Read more

Pop Culture In Review for the Year 2006

A couple signing divorce papers

Film The major movies of this year included ‘Night at the Museum’, ‘Dead Man’s Chest’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, and ‘Cars’. ‘Brokeback Mountain’ was named the best picture of 2005 by the Broadcast Film Critics Association’s Critics’ Choice Awards. The movie also won the best director and best dramatic picture award at … Read more