Books That Shaped Pop Culture in the 2000s

The decade of the 2000s has been one of the most influential ones towards pop culture. Newer technology, rapid change in the media industry, changing fashion, and the arrival of a new era are the main factors that led to the change in our pop culture. Much of the products that we currently use started to become trendy during this decade. The power of social media also rose to a great extent. Many impactful books were also written during this era that led to a change in pop culture. 

Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story by Chuck Klosterman

In the 2000s, Chuck Klosterman has been written some of the top books which were a keen influence on pop culture. One such book was this one which is a non-fiction book based on a true story. It was published in 2005. The book signaled that there were several elements about Life and Death which we are not able to understand in the right manner. In this book, Klosterman has taken a relatively serious tone as compared to his other books because he considered yet another sensitive topic. 

Klosterman suggested that there is an odd relationship between death and the career of music stars because many of the top music stars have given up their lives for death. He asks the main question “Why musicians find it the greatest move to stop breathing and what symbolism does it have for us”. It is one of the very well-written books which we think has influenced pop culture. Klosterman also included a passage from  Radiohead’s Kid A suggesting that this was something that indicated the 9/11 attacks 11 months earlier. 


We can say that the 2000s have been a time when pop culture was very erratic and changed major elements including media, dance, television, songs, and other elements as well. We can see that there are several books that influenced pop culture and showed us the new era of Media and what we can say as Pop Culture 2.0. Do read these books especially the ones written by Chuck Klosterman as they have been quite intriguing.