Pop Culture in Review for the year 2000

Friends cast in the first season

2000 was the year when the economy recovered after the Y2K computer bug that caused a lot of havoc. This was a big year for the entertainment and gaming industry progress was made in space exploration. NASA sent its first team to the space station, and Hillary Clinton became a senator. Following … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the year 2008

People queuing outside a Northern Rock branch in the United Kingdom to withdraw their savings during the financial crisis.

Whether you had spent your 2008 reading the business or political front in the newspapers, one cannot deny the fact that it was a year when many major events took place. These events were of a global level that no one missed. This year had something for everyone. For people who were … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the Year 2007

a poster for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

2007 was ahub of cultural mutation and social change. While the war in Iraq sent the country down another economic recession, people continued to be driven by the craze that Harry Potter and Hanna Montana created. The polarized political scenario was a highlight in every American’s life as voices against unequal pay … Read more