The Best TV Shows Based on 80s Toys

He-Man action figure

There have been numerous TV shows in the 1980s that are now considered classics because of their quality and their timelessness. Some of these popular TV shows are animations that are specifically designed to be enjoyed by kids, and these shows would even have action figures so that kids would be able … Read more

Top Pop Culture Toys of the 90s

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys

The 90s was an era that was filled with things that are extreme. Some of these extreme things include extreme sports like skateboarding and snowboarding, extreme food like Taco Bell’s Extreme Nachos and Snickers X-Treme, and even extreme drinks like Surge and 7-Eleven’s Xtreme Gulp. Aside from extreme things, the 90s was … Read more

Top Pop Culture Toys of the 80s

Rubik’s Cube on a black background

The 80s is the era of blockbuster movies and the emergence of popular TV networks like MTV, which was impactful to the entire music industry because it provided people with easy access to music videos starring popular music artists and bands. It was also in the 80s when some of the coolest … Read more

Top Pop Culture Toys of the 70s

Battleship game pieces

The 1970s is known by many for its hip fashion trends and psychedelic music. However, what people don’t know is that some of the most popular and most valuable toys today were invented or popularized during the said era. To know more, here are the top pop culture toys of the 70s. … Read more

What Is Pop Culture?


Pop culture is everywhere. You know it when you come to the Internet, listen to music, watch television, read comics, app-gaming or go to a movie, concert, or stage show, or even buy some popular enamel pins. You know the artists, the actors and actresses, sports personalities and the games they play. … Read more

Bob Dylan and His Impact on Pop Culture

Bob Dylan and His Impact on Pop Culture

Even if you weren’t alive during Bob Dylan’s peak years, you probably know his name because of his influence. Bob Dylan has been a major figure in popular culture, as he was often regarded as one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Though he appeared to be a pop singer, he … Read more

Michael Jordan and His Influence on Pop Culture

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a basketball superstar known all around the world. If he was playing in the NBA right now, there would be no talk about LeBron James. When it comes to basketball, Michael Jordan is the true legend. He changed the game with his clutch shooting and gravity-defying dunks. He has … Read more

Marilyn Monroe: A Pop Culture Phenomenon

A portrait of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe passed away more than half a century ago, but her legend lives on. Her murky death remains one of Hollywood’s most tantalizing mysteries, but her star power still shines even after her short life.  Eleven years after she died, Elton John sang to her an ode, saying “Your candle burned … Read more

Elvis Presley: The King and His Influence to Pop Culture

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley had a remarkable music career that made him one of the most popular singers in the music history. His iconic voice, handsome looks, smooth moves, and charismatic personality has set the tone for a brand new era of entertainment. With his music, he can mesmerize people with a gospel song, … Read more

What Happened to Debbie Drake?

Born in 1931, Debbie Drake was a real fitness pioneer. She is the first woman to ever star in a daily exercise show entitled The Debbie Drake Show, which premiered in 1960. The said show aired every morning on several stations across the United States. The Debbie Drake Show premiered its follow-up … Read more