The Influence of Rock N Roll on Life in the 1950s

Rock and Roll

Rock N Roll, slang for the phrase Rock and Roll, is a particular kind of music that emerged within the US in the decade of 1950s and got popular. Even today, Rock N Roll music is heard all over the world and accepted as a distinctive genre to music. Rock music comprises … Read more

Classic Film Adaptations in the 1950s

Classic Film Adaptations in the 1950s

The film industry has been on a major rise ever since the 1950s probably because this was the era when many new actors and directors entered Hollywood. There were several film genres introduced while the arrival of colored films was also seen in this decade. There have been so many amazing books … Read more

Best Horror Movies of the 1950s

Best Horror Movies of the 1950s

The film and media industry has been on the rise since the 1900s. Hollywood and other major film industries have evolved because of the classic films that were successful. Every genre had its own preference by the people. Likewise, the Horror Films of the 1950s were quite unique and provided a different … Read more

Top Movies of 1959

Some Like It Hot

Each year we get an amazing number of movies, some go super hit, and some go flop. But the 1950s, especially 1959, is considered the best year in terms of hit movies. Many masterpieces were created this year. These movies were not only loved by the people of that specific era but … Read more

Important Historical Events of 1958

Brussels World’s Fair

1958 was when the United States launched its first satellite, Dwight D. Eisenhower created NASA, and several other political events took place. These events were the newspaper headlines from 1958, which covered the economy and sports as well. Let’s discuss some more important historical events. Syria and Egypt Egypt and Syria become … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the Year 1958

Pontiac Bonneville

Pop Culture in 1958 was no different than what we see today. Although television, arts, music, and other areas were not well-developed but it was a time that laid down the basis for the years to come. What we see today are basically layers above layers that with time have continuously progressed … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the Year 1956

The Movie Giant

The 1950s came with massive changes in all fields. This era was highly popular for its speedy development and the political tensions between the countries. But on the other hand, technology and industries were growing faster than ever. Each year came with a new wave of advancement breaking all the previous records. … Read more

Highlights of the Major Pop Culture Trends of the 1950s

Cary Grant Ingrid Bergman

From 1950 to 1959, young Americans had a steadier cash flow, which allowed them to enjoy substantial material comforts. Most people devoted more of their time to leisure activities and involving or consuming pop culture. During this era, popular culture was created, and it evolved the most and stepped into a more … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the Year 1950

Joseph L Mankiewicz

While the world was recovering from the Great Depression, the first year into the 1950s was very crucial for the upcoming popular culture. The music and film industry witnessed some great hits, and as technology flourished, the cinematic experience of people also enhanced. The pop culture of this year saw many events … Read more

Pop Culture in Review for the Year 1957

Kathy Nolan Richard Crenna The Real McCoys 1960

During the fever of pop culture in the 50s, each year came with its fair share of uniqueness. Though in past years, the fashion and music industry kept the public busy in their affairs, 1957 was all about transformation. A lot of work was seen in the fields of technology and science. … Read more