Pop Culture in Review for the year 2019

According to the US, 2019 was probably the most happening year of the decade. It brought us a lot. On the political front, it was the third time in history that the House of Representatives voted to impeach the president of the U.S. Furthermore, several huge climate change movements were born. This was also the year when the most number of presidential candidates were seen.

While all this was happening, pop culture gave us Joaquin Phoenix in the form of Joker along with many other thrilling moments. As we look back at the year, we realize that every moment was not supposed to last a lifetime. But, it surely brought us together. Perhaps that is the best thing about pop culture. It being independent empowers it to surf through ups and downs with ease. Therefore, let us give 2019 a visit again, just to see how it impacted all of us.


61st Annual Grammy Awards

The 61st Annual Grammy Awards were held on February 10, 2019, at Staples Center, Los Angeles. Hosted by singer-songwriter, Alicia Keys hosted the event. During the event, Alicia Keys brought out several music artists such as Jada Pinkett Smith, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lopez along with Michelle Obama, who take the stage to highlight how much impact music has had on their lives.

Kendrick Lamar received the most number of nominations. Whereas, Childish Gambino and KaceyMusgraves tied for winning the most number of Grammys. However, Childish Gambino was the first major winner not to be present at the event after Amy Winehouse in 2008.

DNA By Backstreet Boys

Released on January 23, 2019, DNA is the ninth studio album of Backstreet Boys. The band released the album after almost six years and mostly received positive reviews from music critics. Furthermore, the album debuted at the No.1 spot on the US Billboard 200. The album was Backstreet Boys’ third number 1 album and the fist in 19 years. In Canada, the album did pretty well interms of sales as it debuted at No.1 by selling over 46,000 units in the first week. Then, in January the album was certified Platinum.

Year of Billie Eilish

The introduction of Billie Ellish and her brother was the most exciting and adventurous export to Hollywood ever. She is a singer with a strong personality, strong voice and an overall amazing talent. Furthermore, she was up for six Grammys while recieveing more than a billion streams on Spotify. Today, she is described as the queen of alternative music and for the right reasons.

Lil Nas X- Old Town Road

Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road was the most popular song of 2019. It spent a record-breaking 19 consecutive weeks at the No.1 spot in the U.S while breaking several other records. Furthermore, it remained No.1 for ten weeks in the UK Top 3 as well. The song caught fire after TikTok users started using it as part of the ‘yeehaw’ viral craze. However, down the road it became controversial as it was termed not to be country enough for the country charts.

Lose You to Love Me

Released by Interscope records on October 23, 2019, Lose You to Love Me by Selena Gomez was a sensational hit. The song received positive critical appraise due to Selena’s powerful vocal performance and minimal production. Although the song debuted at No.15 at the US Billboard Hot 100 but it gradually climbed the top spot. It also topped the charts in Ireland and Canada as well along with Austalia, Malaysia and Singapore etc.


Rabbit (Koons)

Rabbit is a stainless steel sculpture made by Jeff Koons. It was the most expensive piece of artwork sold by a living artist in May 2019 for $91.1 million. Although the artwork looked something ordinary it managed to attract thousands of viewers and potential customers. The craftsmanship and detail that went into the art piece defined and justified its price. Perhaps, the most unique artwork sold in 2019 alone.

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art is one of the most famous art museums in the world. It tends to millions of visitors across the globe. However, it was closed for two years for renovation. Meanwhile, its public-serving operations were shifted to Long Island City, Queens. Upon its opening after renovation, the museum received a mixed response. Later, it was again closed for major renovations from June to October 2019. Upon reopening on October 21, 2019, the MoMA had acquired an additional 47,000 square feet of gallery space.


J.D. Salinger’s Unpublished Work

Best known for his novel ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ Jerome David Salinger was an American writer. As soon as the novel was published, it became an immediate success. However, it was both widely read and controversial at the same time. Salinger almost wrote his entire life. Therefore, it was obvious that some of his work remained unpublished. However, his widow and son had decided that his unpublished work should be published and in accordance prepared the material. Since it was a big job at hand, in 2019 they announced that it would be a while before it is termed ready.


Lady Gaga’s Multi-Layered Met Gala Outfit

Wherever there is fashion, there is Lady Gaga. Perhaps, that is the best way to describe Lady Gaga’s fashion sense who is not afraid to try the most unique and distinct fashion pieces. With that being said, Lady Gaga in May 2019, attended the MET Gala in a multi-layered outfit that consisted of a giant bow on her head along with an umbrella carrying Tuxedo personnel who helped her with the outfit. Then, she stripped to show a black ball gown and what looked like a retro mobile phone but was a Judith Leiber bag.

Cardi B’s Clam Shell Gown

Cardi B took everyone by surprise when she showed by in a clamshell gown. It was not that the dress was unique but Cardi B actually looked stunning in it. The gown was inspired by Mugler’sFall 1995 Couture show archives. Cardi B opted to wear the gown exactly the way it was worn when it was displayed on the runway. It was literally as if a clam was opened itself to the world to display the hidden beauty inside.


Avengers: Endgame

2019 was the year of Marvel Comics. Even months before its release, fans all over the world had the days on count downs and couldn’t wait to see their favorite superheroes on the big screen. It was the highest-grossing film of 2019 as it collected over $858.4 million in both the United States and Canada. Furthermore, it collected more than $1.939 billion in other territories as well. In total, the worldwide collections grossed $2.8 billion. Therefore, making it the highest-grossing film of all time.

The Lion King

Undoubtedly the most anticipated movie of the year was The Lion King. We have been hearing about Mufasa and other famous characters while we were kids. It was about time that we saw them on a bigger screen. It was the second-highest-grossing film of 2019 with collecting more than $543.6 million in Canada and the United States. Furthermore, collecting $1.113 billion in other territories and a total of $1.657 billion. It also became the highest-grossing remake and Walt Disney film of all time, thanks to its fans.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spirder-Man: Far From Home did pretty well in 2019. It grossed $390.5 million in Canada and the United States alone. Furthermore, it collected more than $741.4 million in other territories and a worldwide total of $1.1132 billion. Then, in August the movie surprassedSkyfall to become Sony Pictures highest-grossing film worldwide. Considering the reviews and numbers it did, the movie was a successful project overall.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel managed to gross $426.8 million in Canada and the United States. Moreover, its collection in other territories crossed $701.4 million and a worldwide total of $1.128 billion. It received an approval rating of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 6.79/10. The movie was a huge success interms of visuals, humor and action. Brie Laronson’s performance in the movie received positive response from all over the world.



The world is well-familiar with the Chernobyl disaster. From the outside, it was just an accident that claimed millions of lives. However, what people are not aware of are the scenes that took place behind the curtains. Based on a true story, the Television Series splendidly portrayed the events. As a result, it received an excellent response from both the critics and viewers. The main plot of the series was to highlight the lies that institutions and individuals will use to hide the truth. The inhumanity against humanity was something that couldn’t be ignored.

President Trump’s First Prime Time Address

Nearly two years into being the President of the United States, Donald Trump have his first prime time interview in which he addressed the Federal government shutdown and the funding of the Mexican border wall. Since the introduction of the idea, the nation stood up to criticize the President’s multi-billion-dollar spending. The idea was to block the border shared with Mexico. However, it would require billions of dollars from the taxpayers’ money, which not settled well with the people. The network also aired the responses from Democratic Party leaders and other important people. As a result, on January 25, the shutdown had ended along with a short-term deal to re-open the government without the inclusion of funding for the border wall.


R.Kelly Put Down

Famous American Singer, Writer, and music producer R.Kelly was brought into the spotlight after allegations of series of sexual abuse. A lifetime docu-series ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ was aired, which provoked anger amongst listeners and the entire nation. As a result, the artists who had collaborated with him put down their tracks as well. Even the record label associated with him dropped him officially. Furthermore, radio stations banned playing his music as well. Today, R.Kelly rests in jail while his sexual assault allegations continue to take turns each day.


U.S-China Trade War

In March 2018 President Trump stated that trade wars are good and easy to win. However, that was not the case with China. President Trump wanted to implement tariffs on Chinese imported goods but delayed to give the negotiators some time. Meanwhile, both Chinese President Xi Jinping and Trump in June met and agreed to go ahead with trade talks. However, Trump again stated that he would implement tariffs by September 1. Then, he reversed his claim and said that he would delay half those tariffs until December 15. As a result, China was mortified. On August 23, China had announced $75 billion worth of tariffs on the U.S. Although the two sides again shook hands after two months but critics claimed that the trade between the two countries would be turbulent.

India’s Acceptance of Hindu Nationalism

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi won the elections in 2019, a big question popped up, where is India headed? What the nation extremely feared, took place. Modi won his elections and even today works harder than ever to implement Hindu Nationalism. His idea around Hindus being supreme and Muslims being inferior brought the country to a standstill when huge protests erupted due to him snatching the basic constitutional rights of Kashmiris. As a result, in a few months, the world saw the transformation of India from a secular state into a Hindu one, where Muslim rights were near to not existing.


Tiger Woods Wins the Masters

Tiger Woods winning the Masters marked a huge comeback for the controversial sportsman. He has been through enough trials and tribulations. If it was any other athlete, his/her career would have already ended. Opposed to some calling him for retirement, Tiger Woods bounced back and won the biggest golf event of the year. This moment silenced many critics who thought that his career was done for good. Even if you are not a golf fan, you should feel the struggle of an individual rising from the shallows.

Conor McCgregor Makes Boxing Debut

MMA fighter ConorMcCgregor took his chances and stepped into the right to fight against the best Boxer Floyd Mayweather. This was a huge payday for people involved in the event including the two fighters as well. The venue was sold out, millionaires and billionaires were flying from around the world to see the match in their private jets. Mayweather landed several damaging punches until the 10th round brought TKO. The result?Biggest paychecks of their lives.



Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung took the cellphone game ahead with the introduction of its foldable phone. Since the announcement, the fans and tech world had been keeping its eyes and ears out on anything that could possibly be seen or heard. It is an impressive device that could be described as a pocket computer. Huawei jumped into the ring as well and announced its foldable device as well. However, at the moment Samsung is the only one ruling the world with its Galaxy fold. Only time will tell when a major smartphone manufacturer comes up with a better contender.

Apple Air Pods Pro

Apple has always been a trendsetter when it comes to technology. The introduction of Apple AirPods Pro was a perfect example Apple made use of a busy Auckland Café to show how practical their AirPods were. Not only they did an impressive job with noise cancellation but the sound quality was nothing short of being splendid. Although many competitors have since introduced their Airpods as well but nothing seems to match the Apple AirPods Pro.


Nipsey Hussle’s Death

Perhaps the biggest loss of 2019 was the death of NipseyHussle. The shooting incident shocked and rocked the hip-hop and L.A. music communities. In his neighborhood, Nipsey was known to be much more than just a rapper. After his death ‘marathan continues’ became a hashtag, which glorified his commitment to giving back to the society. The world needed to know that not only was he a great rapper but someone who was fighting with gang life and showing everyone the bright way.

ASAP Rockey Arrested

2019 was the witness of one of the most high-profile arrests, involving American rapper ASAP Rockey. He was arrested in Stockholm and kept in prison for nearly a month. It was said that he allegedly assaulted someone in Stockholm. The ground-shocking instead shocked everyone across Hollywood and fans all over the world were demanding his release on social media platforms. As a result, President Donald Trump reached out to the Swedish government in support of the artist. Donald Trump said that it was Kanye West who influenced him to support ASAP Rocky.

R.Kelly’s situation gets even worse

Although R.Kelly was one of the top-selling artists of his time but that did not change the fact that he had dark rumor clouds above him that highlighted something wrong with him. It was 2019, when the rumors and allegations started becoming a reality. The singer was arrested for child prostitution and pornography etc. He also faced severe financial problems from not being able to pay bail money and then held in jail until he paid $150,000 back in shild support.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Perform ‘Shallow’ at the Oscars

Fans were already excited when they heard that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper would be starring against each other in the movie ‘A Star is Born’. Then, the news came out that they would again be performing at the Oscars. While they took the stage, the entire venue went silent. The performance was so powerful that people thought they were dating behind the scenes. It was almost hard for fans to believe that they were not in a relationship.

Kylie Jenner’s Best Friend Jordyn Woods betrays the entire Kardashian family

Kylie Jenner is probably the youngest riched female enterprenuer at the moment. Her brand Kylie cosmetics is worth billions and there is nothing stopping it from expanding. Fans all over the world are in love with it. There was a time when Jordan Woods was Kylie Jenner’s best friend until she was caught kissing the baby daddy of KhloeKardashian ,Tristan Thompson. Later, Jordyn Woods was interviewd by Jada Pinkett Smith who told her that it was nothing intimate.

Final Word

As we say goodbye to 2019, we should make sure that we remember it as a year when peace was found in the world of music between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Even though stories like these kept us entertained but nobody wanted them to continue till 2020. Therefore, 2019 was a year of historic moments that brought all of us together. We fought for a common cause and made sure that the upcoming years are much smoother and stable. Not allowing them to repeat the same mistakes.

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