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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 15, 1976 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

President Ford opens his campaign in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan campus – his old college campus.

The United Auto Workers strike Ford – idling some 170,000 workers.

Congress passes a major tax revision bill that would continue current tax cuts, curb some shelters, increase the minimum levy on the wealthy and make hundreds of other changes including giving expanded breaks to working parents.

As Jimmy Carter has been campaigning around the country – President Ford has just about stayed put in Washington and his people say its fine. “We’re right on track,” say Ron Nessen – President Ford’s press secretary. “We’ve got what we wanted to get on television. We’re doing just fine.” President Ford defended his stay-at-home strategy on the “Today’ show, saying he would remain in Washington most of this month to “make sure Congress doesn’t go off the deep end.” Ford said he’d do more campaigning after Congress adjourns Oct. 2. 

Philadelphia - A judge validates a petition seeking the ouster of Mayor Frank l. Rizzo and orders a special recall referendum placed on the Nov. 2 ballot. Recall organizers accuse Rizzo of fiscal mismanagement and abuse of power.

Yugoslav officials reportedly let Carlos, the notorious international terrorist believed to have masterminded the 1975 Vienna kidnapping of several oil ministers, slip through their fingers last week and the U.S. is angry about the fumble. 

Swedish voters end 44 years of Social democratic government and turn out of office, Europe’s longest surviving premier – Olif Palme.

Television Reporter Daniel Schorr defies threats of a congressional contempt-citation and a jail sentence by refusing to tell the House ethics Committee who had given him a copy of a secret House intelligence committee report. He also refused to give the committee the copy of the report he had obtained.

The Episcopal Church shatters the 2,000-year-old precedent of an all-male priesthood in the Catholic and Apostolic tradition by voting to ordain women as priests and bishops.

Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will meet with Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith in a diplomatic effort to avoid a race war in southern Africa. 

Consumer prices rose .5% during August for the third month in a row.

President Ford signs legislation that will terminate an array of emergency powers Congress has given the White House since the great depression.

The three major TV networks agree to televise this week’s campaign debate between President Ford and Jimmy Carter. NBC correspondent Edwin Newman will moderate.

Ralph Nader’s health researchers say there is a radiation danger from millions of in-home smoke detector, which employ a radioactive metal to help detect gases. Government expert strongly dispute the contention.


Fascinating Business news – September 15, 1976

Ford Motor Co. tops the rest of the big 4 in auto sales – posting a 25% increase – their third-best sales over the first 10 days of September.


Sports news – September 15, 1976


Pittsburgh - Dorothy Hamill makes her professional debut with the Ice Capades. “I was very nervous. I already have the Olympic title. This was something new. I don’t think I can explain it.”

Rookie Lee Mazzilli hits a homer for the New York Mets and final score was 5-4 against the Pittsburgh Pirates.


Music news – September 15, 1976

Led Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains the Same” – a two-record set from the upcoming Zeppelin movie of the same name will be out next month.   

On NBC-TV this week – “Neil Sedaka Steppin’ Out” with Bette Midler, David Brenner and Neil’s kids Marc (9) and Dara (13).

Touring finale – Loggins & Messina are touring for the last time as the duo is breaking up.

Music on Television – Neil Sedaka special – “Steppin Out” with Bette Midler and David Brenner. On NBC-TV.

Rock Music Awards – Co-hosted by Diana Ross and Alice Cooper. Presenters/Performers include - Marty Balin, Beach Boys, George Benson, Harry Chapin, Peter Frampton, Jermaine Jackson, Grace Slick, KIIS, Donna Summer, John Travolta, Paul Williams and others. 

Highlights - Rock Music Awards – Presenters included Brian Wilson, Stevie Wonder, Paul Williams, Tony Orlando, Captain & Tennille. Diana Ross was honored as female entertainer of the century. Gary Wright got best new vocalist. Peter Frampton – outstanding rock personality.


Television news – September 15, 1976

Chevy Chase’s one-year contract with “Saturday Night” expires, but the comedian says he’ll stay on at least through the end of next month. He’ll work week-to-week. Chase says, as much as he loves doing the show, he wants to be free to work on his first of three prime-time specials, plus – the lady he wants to marry lives in Los Angeles. “My view has always been that Saturday Night would hopefully be an off-Broadway for television – that people would grow here, that at some point they would leave and that other people would come along.”

More Saturday Night – NBC says the show will televise three programs from college campuses – Princeton University on Oct. 16, Georgetown University on Oct. 30 and a third to be named. 

On “Saturday Night” this week – Norman Lear and Lily Tomlin host.

Chevy Chase and Flip Wilson join Dick Van Dyke as a guest on the new “Van Dyke & Company” debuting this week on NBC-TV. 


Some top movies – September 15, 1976

Car Wash

Silent Movie

Murder By Death

Billy Jack


Logan’s Run

The Shootist

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