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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of May 8, 1976 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

AFL-CIO President George Meany meets Jimmy Carter for the first time since the campaign began. They met for an hour – a meeting Carter said had “re-cemented a friendship and an acquaintance that we have had for years.”

The Tokyo prosecutor’s office indicts Yoshio Kodama, the key figure in Lockheed Aircraft’s massive payoffs in Japan. He was charged with violating Japan’s foreign exchange law.

Jimmy Carter calls for a five-year U.S.-Soviet agreement to halt nuclear testing for all purposes, including peaceful development.

More Navy power - President Ford asks Congress for $1.1 billion more defensive spending to help pay for an additional nuclear powered aircraft carrier, four more guided missile frigates and one more fleet oiler.

President Ford plans to bring back the railroad whistle-stop tour to presidential election campaigning in his drive to defeat Ronald Reagan for the Republican nomination. Tentative plans call for Ford to use a train this week to campaign in his home state of Michigan, delivering train site speeches in cities from Flint to Grand Rapids.

Sen. Barry Goldwater demands that President Ford’s campaign committee stop using tapes of a Goldwater news conference in which he criticized Ronald Reagan’s position on the Panama Canal.

Primary - Ronald Reagan wins in Nebraska.

FBI Director Clarence Kelly says that the bureau was ‘truly sorry” for its abuses of power and said the late J. Edgar Hoover had stayed on too long as director.

A new federal regulation takes effect that gives consumers a fighting chance against creditors who try to collect payment for goods that have gone bad. The FTC limits the 200-year-old “holder in due course” doctrine, long upheld by the courts. That principle has entitled third-party creditors to payment, without regard to any dispute between the buyer and original seller.

President Ford and guests aboard Air Force One can plug in stereo headphones and hear an inspirational reading by Ford’s Republican challenger, Ronald Regan. The current “music in flight” program aboard the jet offers a variety of selections, including readings from the Bill of Rights and the Constitution by Reagan and his wife, Nancy.

In Philadelphia – Vice President Rockefeller accuses the Soviet Union of trying to create an empire over which “sun never sets.” He urged nations of the Free World to join the United States in meeting what he called “a new and far more complex form of imperialism, a mixture of czarism and Marxism, with colonial appendages.”

A former mental patient opens fire with a lever-action Carbine rifle on Knoxville’s Gay St. killing two women and a man and wounding two others.    

The Soviet Union delivers a “strong Protest” to the United States against attacks on Russian offices and personel in New York.

Passing – Former Illinois Gov. Otto Kerner. He was 67 (cancer).

Shirley Turner, the British housewife who had her jaws wired together to lose more than 100 pounds, is slowly losing the battle she thought she had won. “I’ll never slip back to being fat, Mrs. Turner vowed two years ago, after dropping 252 pounds to 140 in six months by limiting her diet to liquids. She now weighs 170 pounds.

Former Vice President Spiro T. Agnew in a rare television interview, says politics has become a “dangerous game” and characterized the news media as “more imperial than the President.” He said the media, for instance, recently tried to destroy Jimmy Carter’s candidacy by attacking the Georgia Democrat’s “ethnic purity remark, but the American public rejected the attempt.”


Sports news – May 8, 1976

Janet Guthrie, wearing a borrowed racing outfit, made her debut at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway but was kept from driving because of a leaking oil line in her car. She’s the first woman ever enter the Indy 500, and had to use the borrowed equipment because of an airline mix-up that left her belongings in Chicago. 


Entertainment/Celebrity news – May 8, 1976

Telly Savalas, who as the TV detective “Kojak” acts tough but likes lollipops, has won out over a New York taxi driver in the competition for leader of Sunday’s Greek Independence Day Parade.

The Osmonds Perform At The Las Vegas Hilton


Television news – May 8, 1976

Michael Eisner (34), v/p, program planning and development for ABC Entertainment, is promoted to senior r/p, prime-time production and development for ABC Entertainment.


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV guide – May 8, 1976

CBS – Movie, Kojak, Risko

NBC – Disney, Ellery Queen, Columbo

ABC – Almost Anything Goes, Six Million Dollar Man, Movie

PBS – Nova, Masterpiece Theater


CBS Movie – “The Yearling” – Gregory Peck, Jane Wyman.

Columbo – Patrick McGoohan guest stars as an advertising executive with a double life.


Some Top movies – May 8, 1976

Eat My Dust

I Will, I will

Taxi Driver    

All the President’s Men

The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox

W.C. Fields And Me

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