Whatever Happened to Debbie Drake?

Debbie Drake

Debbie Drake

From Elizabeth D – My daughter and I were talking about how she grew up with me exercising in front of the TV with Debbie Drake. I SAID, “I WONDER WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO HER?”

I got on Google, and found your info. DO YOU KNOW WHERE, AND WHAT HAPPENED TO DEBBIE DRAKE?

I AM 75, HAVE A GREAT FIGURE AND TWO KIDS IN THEIR 50s…who work out daily and we all attribute it to DD because they grew up with that example. OF COURSE, I’m curious how she looks today.

Mr. Pop History - As posted earlier, Texas native Debbie Drake was the first female TV champion of fitness. Unlike Jack LaLanne, Debbie was also popular on records (to a certain extent) and books. Born in 1931 and as far as I know, she’s still active. Her last book was “Debbie Drake’s Secrets of Perfect Fiqure Development,” republished in 2000.