I’m Broke: What Fun Things Can I Buy?

In most situations, people need money to make purchases. Bartering isn’t a common practice, and stores require currency or credit to sell products.

Many people lack the funds for emergencies or luxury expenses. Many spend all disposable income or have no disposable income. Others classify themselves as broke because once the bills are paid, they don’t have a lot of extra funds to spend. With a short-term savings plan and bargain shopping, there are still plenty of things people with a tight budget can buy. Let’s look at fun purchases you can make when you’re broke and how to access extra funds when money’s tight.

Gaming Laptops

Your grandparents might express disbelief if you tell them you plan to profit from playing video games, but there are many ways gamers can earn money. Some gamers stream their gameplay and earn money from subscriptions and sponsorships, while others compete in esports tournaments. Game testing and tutoring are also options. Consequently, you can justify the cost of a gaming laptop you use for gaming.

Price is one factor to consider when comparing laptops. Screen size and resolution are also important. Gamers need a larger screen to ensure they see visual cues during gameplay. Larger screens also foster an immersive gaming experience. The number of pixels that your monitor or laptop screen display determines its resolution. Displays with more pixels have better picture quality. The monitor’s hertz (Hz) number refers to the number of times the display refreshes per second, ensuring your visual display isn’t lagging behind your gameplay. Gamers need monitors with at least 60Hz.

You’ll need a gaming laptop with an excellent processor (CPU) and graphics card (GPU). When shopping for the best laptop for gaming, consider the Alienware Area 51m R2, which has an Intel Core i9-10900K processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8GB GDDR6 GPU. You can upgrade this laptop by replacing core components in the future, extending its life span and ensuring you won’t lack the power needed to play new games in a couple of years. One of the best gaming laptops for budget shoppers is the HP Omen 17, featuring a 17.3-inch screen with a 144Hz refresh rate and plenty of ports for connecting equipment.


Books transport you to another place and, on occasion, another time. Investing in an e-reader is a great way to ensure you can afford to buy books regularly. E-books usually cost less than printed books, you can download them in minutes, and you don’t have to worry about buying bookshelves to hold your new acquisitions.


Transforming your living space is fun, and it doesn’t take much. Buy paint to change your wall colors or add texture and color to your indoor spaces with peel-and-stick wallpaper or canvas prints. A couch cover will change the look of your furniture, and adding other items such as throw rugs, curtains, house plants, and cushions can brighten your living room.
Accessing Funds

Hard money lenders tend to lend money to people with collateral, making it easier to borrow against your home or other valuables. A hard money loan’s a great option for paying for upgrades to your current home or investing in real estate, particularly if you want to fix up a house and flip it. Typically, hard money loans rates are higher than bank loans, but the application process is faster, and you can access money quickly with a hard money loan.

You can apply for a credit card. Like hard money lenders, credit card companies charge higher interest rates than traditional bank loans. Still, it may be easier for you to secure financing through a credit card than a bank loan if you’re launching a streaming business or making personal purchases.
Shopping on a tight budget can be frustrating, but you can still buy some fun things. You may also be able to borrow funds for some purchases.