Timeline-Dateline 1994 – Pop Culture History – Who Was The First Internet Retailer/Store?

Trivia-Amazon Was Not The First Internet Retailer.


From Jeff H – Mr. Pop – who was the first on-line retailer? Was it Amazon?

Mr. Pop History – The concept was there before Amazon. Take a look at this from 1994:

history timeline - 1994-Amazon not first internet store-pop-interesting-factsComputer news From This Week In 1994 – a group of companies from the Silicon Valley say they are bringing a sort-of home shopping network to millions of users on the worldwide computer network known as the Internet. Called CommerceNet – it allow users to buy computers, scan catalogs and bid on contracts. Said Project Manager Steve Harari – “We’re not sure how it’s going to evolve. It could include everything from pizza parlors to real estate.” The company is backed by $12 million in seed money from the government and such Silicon Valley companies such as Apple, Sun Microsystems Inc, Lockheed Corp and Bank of America. The Internet now attracts 20 million users. It is envisioned that consumers will shop for thousands of products at home or the office by scanning huge databases with a computer. 50 to 100 companies are expected to back the service by the end of 1994. Companies offering services on CommerceNet will pay $25,000 a year for a high-level membership, but lower-priced memberships are expected.