Another Star Trek TV Series Re-Boot Question – 1977?

Mr. Pop History – After the original TV series left the NBC-TV air in 1969, Star Trek began to build a bigger audience with syndicated reruns.

A July TV Guide tells me that Paramount Pictures planned to produce 22 episodes of an all-new Star Trek to begin appearing in April 1978. According to the article, it was part of an effort to create one night a week of prime-time programs on a proposed “fourth network” of independent and network affiliated stations. Gene Roddenberry was signed to put the new show together at a cost of $400,000 per episode.

A fourth network? Interesting. Of course, that didn’t happen until Fox-TV – the late 1980′s.

From Chip F – Mr. Pop – After the cancellation of the original “Star Trek,” how long did it take Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry to strike another TV project?

Mr. Pop History – Roddenberry was ticked-off at NBC for its treatment of his original “Star Trek.” But, there was so much interest in “Star Trek” that it kept on revealing itself.  Take a look at this – from the Mr. Pop week of February 15, 1973:

“Gene Roddenberry says there are some 8,000-advance reservations for the next Star Trek convention. Roddenberry still gets irked at the treatment of his show by NBC, which canceled the series after 3 TV seasons in 1969. This year, NBC suggested he make a pilot for a new Star Trek. Gene told the network – ‘You’ve got 78 pilots’ (the number of old Star Trek shows). Rumors are flying that Star Trek will return to television. Gene is producing a pilot many are calling ‘son of Star Trek.’ It’s called Genesis II and it will air March 23 on CBS.”