Pop Culture Audio, Television, Internet And Telephone History – A Timeline


I love pop history/pop culture. Can’t you tell? Here’s a terrific timeline. On top – evolution of the telephone. One thing’s missing – cell phone service – which went mainstream in 1982. On the bottom – audio and playback. While this isn’t complete (such as stereo and such) – it’s a lot of fun to look at. For instance – did you know – the first 78rpm record actually came out in 1879? How about those crank phones? A year later – in 1880.

Dig that 1964 slimline phone – lookin’ good!

Now look at radio. AM radio came to us in 1906! Today – your favorite AM station uses the same 1906 technology! Look at FM – 1937. Again – most FM is the same (stereo was added in the 1950′s and sanctioned by the FCC in 1961).

The iPod – wow – 10 years old. So is satellite radio. HD radio?? Won’t be around too much longer I’m afraid. It’s bombing.

I’ve put together a timeline for you – follow audio, television, computer, internet and all consumer technology – from 1952-2014 – Click here for the

mr pop history pop culture audio and telephone timeline

Mr. Pop History/Mr. Pop Culture Presents An Audio And Telephone Timeline