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The report says it all – CBS is on top again – the #1 network for the fifth year. A nice surprise is an uptick to sitcom, “Modern Family.” For the past few years, the sitcom has been kind-of-dead, but ABC’s “Modern Family” proves a well-written/acted sitcom is still alive and well. Let’s see some more. So, here it is – from AP:

TV Season Scorecard As Season Ends – CBS finished the 2010-11 season last week as the nation’s most-watched television network for the eighth time in nine years, the Nielsen Co. said on Wednesday. Fox won its seventh season in a row among the youthful 18-to-49-year-old demographic closely watched by advertisers. The country’s favorite TV show was Fox’s “American Idol” for the eighth straight season. Viewership was down for each of the four biggest broadcast networks, Nielsen said. CBS averaged 11.6 million viewers in prime-time (down 2 percent from last season), Fox had 9.8 million viewers (down 2 percent), ABC had 8.5 million (down 1 percent) and NBC had 7 million (down 15 percent), Nielsen said. Much of NBC’s decline was because the network broadcast the Winter Olympics last season; take away sports and NBC’s prime-time decline was 3 percent. CBS had the five most popular dramas on television, each a crime-solving procedural (“NCIS,” ”NCIS: Los Angeles,” ”The Mentalist,” ”Criminal Minds” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”).

The network also had the two most popular comedies in “The Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men,” the latter despite a Sheen-shortened season. Only the writer’s strike-affected 2007-08 season, won by Fox, stopped CBS from a nine-year winning streak. The fastest-growing prime-time show was  ”Modern Family” on ABC, up 24 percent to 11.8 million viewers, Nielsen said. Fox’s since-canceled “Good Guys,” down 42 percent, was the biggest year-to-year loser.

TV Shows Five Years Ago… Pop. Culture. History.

Mr. Pop History – TV ratings – the top TV shows five Years ago – from the week of December 8, 2005:

Top TV –
CSI – 30.94
Without a Trace – 21.76
Survivor: Guatemala – 21.18
Fraiser – 21.18
Survivor: Guatemala – 20.12
60 Minutes – 19.72
Law & Order: SVU – 16.29
Grey’s Anatomy – 15.70
Charlie Brown Christmas – 15.34
ER – 14.34
CSI: Miami – 15.33
Survivor: Guatemala Reunion – 15.21
Monday Night Football – 15.09
Two and a Half Men – 14.11
NCIS – 14.00
My Name is Earl – 13.99

How many of these shows are gone?? Still in the top 10??

Top TV Shows For Last Week 12/25

2. The Mentalist CBS
3. Sunday Night Football: Carolina Panthers at New York Giants NBC
4. Two and a Half Men CBS
5. Criminal Minds CBS
6. CSI: Miami CBS
7. Without a Trace CBS
9. 60 Minutes CBS
10. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CBS
11. Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick NBC
12. Worst Week CBS
13. Cold Case CBS
14. Biggest Loser 6 NBC
15. How I Met Your Mother CBS
16. The Big Bang Theory CBS
17. Ghost Whisperer CBS
18. Eleventh Hour CBS
19. Million Dollar Password CBS
20. Football Night in America Part 3 NBC

TV Network Ratings – CBS And CW’s Gossip Girl Higher

ABC promoted premiere week as “National Stay-At-Home Week,” but viewers were more eager to stay home for CBS.

Even as rivals saw their returning shows decline — some sharply — during the first week of the TV season, CBS saw big growth for several series’ season premieres: NCIS, up 29% from last year’s opener, was helped by a big cliffhanger; Criminal Minds was up 34%; How I Met Your Mother rose 20%; and Two and a Half Men, CSI: Miami and CSI: NY all gained as well.

Also on the upswing: CW’s Gossip Girl, which hit record highs this month.

The gains were matched by declines for Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy from last fall (though both shows returned above their spring averages) amid bigger drops for Heroes, House, Law & Order: SVU, ER and Without a Trace.

And they eased fears that last winter’s three-month writers’ strike would have a lasting effect on the TV business as viewers fell out of the habit of watching their favorite shows.

USA Today/Mr Pop Culture

Photo – Gossip Girl Cast