Pop Culture Television – What Happened To NBC And Fox?

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When you look at the recent top-20 overall ratings, neither NBC or FOX placed a regular show in the top-20. That’s pretty bad. What’s old is new again – CBS. Yes – CBS – the network that dominated TV broadcasting (NBC was very close) for television’s first two decades. They sure took a hit in the 1990′s and into the 2000′s – but – look at this! They dominate prime-time these days:


NFL Football: Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants NBC




Dancing With the Stars ABC


Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick NBC


NCIS: Los Angeles CBS


Dancing With the Stars Results ABC


The Big Bang Theory CBS


Two and a Half Men CBS


60 Minutes CBS


Modern Family ABC


Criminal Minds CBS


Blue Bloods CBS


20/20″ (Monday) ABC


The Mentalist CBS


Mike & Molly CBS


American Music Awards ABC


2 Broke Girls CBS


Hawaii Five-0 CBS


Person of Interest CBS


Survivor: South Pacific CBS

From Jen C – Recently – I saw or heard something on hip hip history – that the late Tupac Shakur’s name was his real one. I was surprised given all rappers have handles.

Mr. Pop History – That’s right. The late Tupac Amaru Shakur was named by his mother – Afeni Shakur – a Black Panther party member who was carrying him while imprisoned. The “real” Tupac Amaru, was a 16th century Incan chief and was the leader of what became the last Incan holdouts against Spanish rule. Fast forward to 1984, when a leftist group led by Victor Polay Campos assumed the name and declared its opposition toward the Peruvian government. You can find more on the Net. Tupac

From Wayne E – Mr. Pop, I remember Pepsi doing something unusual and promoted a girl-group along with their product. They were called the “Uh-Oh” girls.

Mr. Pop History – That’s right and the girls made their first Pepsi appearance, singing behind Ray Charles on a Super Bowl Diet Pepsi ad in 1991. After that, they took on a life of their own – so-to-speak. After all – no one sang “Uh-Oh” better.

They appeared on talkshows, supermarket openings – you name it. Several years later, it all came to an end – because – the girls weren’t helping sales – and it didn’t help that they wanted to become more “serious” as music artists – afterall – they were lip-synching on commercials and in appearances.

The “Uh-Oh” girls were Darleen Dillinger, Mellani Paul and Gretchen Palmer. They only appeared only on Diet Pepsi soda labels in Japan – because over there, they were extremely popular. Here’s a picture of a Japanese Diet Pepsi soda bottle from 1993.
Uh-Oh Girls on Japanese Diet Pepsi Bottle