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Interesting Fun Facts From Popular Culture History – Madonna News From 1985


From The Mr. Pop Timeline Of History.

Madonna Date History – April 1, 1985

Madonna Songs

Madonna is hot. She has two singles in the top-5 this week – “Material Girl,” and “Crazy for You” each from separate albums. And, she has another single due out in several weeks – “Angel.” If as if that weren’t enough, Madonna has a new song “In The Groove” from her movie “desperately Seeking Susan” whose video is getting played on MTV. To be sure, her record label, Warner Brothers, fearing over video exposure, has killed plans for a video of her next single (Angel) because MTV is crowded with a pair of her clips, already.

 Madonna Date History – April 12, 1985

One of the bigger hits so far this year – “Like a Virgin” by Madonna – written by Billy Steinberg and Tom
Kelly. Lyricist Steinberg says the song “came from personal experience. I wasn’t just trying to somehow get that racy worked virgin in a lyric. I was saying, from personal experience, that I may not really be a virgin. I’ve been battered romantically and emotionally like many people, but I’m starting a new relationship and it just feels so good, it’s healing all the wounds and making me feel like I’ve never done this before, because it’s so much deeper and more profound than anything I’ve ever felt.”

Madonna Date History – July 19, 1985

Hollywood news – Actor Sean Penn and his pop-singer-fiancée  Madonna are targets of a $1 million
damage suite filed by Laurence  Cottrell – a free-lance photographer.  He says Penn attacked with a rock and his own camera in a Nashville,  Tenn. hotel car park last month.


Madonna Date History – July 28, 1985…

Madonna has filed a lawsuit seeking to bar the release of a 5-year-old pornographic movie in which she is the star performer. The film, titled “A Certain Sacrifice” features her in an orgy scene. She is also shown in a
rape sequence in a coffee-shop restroom. At the time, she signed a release permitting her voice and body to be featured in the film, but not her name. She was paid $100 for her performance.
Everyone is talking about the Aug. 16 marriage of  Madonna to actor Sean Penn. How will it be covered
by the media?

Madonnamania -

madonna-pictures-fun-facts-www.mrpophistory.comApparently Madonna is responsible for increased sales of the “Merry Widow” bra, which she frequently wears onstage and in publicity photos. More and more girls are going for the innerwear-outerwear effect that Madonna likes. They’re wearing the Merry Widow with opened shirts and blouses – as though they’re T-shirts so that satin and lace can be seen.

Madonna Date History – August 15, 1985

Married – Pop singer Madonna to actor Sean Penn – at Malibu Beach at the home of Penn family friend Kurt Unger. Seen attending – Rosanna Arquette, Emilio Estevez, Tom Cruise, Judd Nelson, Martin Sheen, Chris Penn, David Letterman. Also seen Diane Keaton, Cher, Andy Warhol, David Geffen, Carol Kane, and Christopher Walken. There were 200 guests all together.

Madonna Date History – October 12, 1985

madonna-sean-penn-picture-1985-pop-culture.comActor Sean Penn is fined $100 and given a 90-day suspended sentence after pleading no contest to attacking two British journalists. He and wife Madonna were coming out of a Nashville hotel, when the pair approached for an interview.


Mr. Pop Notes: I thought 1985 was a terrific year for Madonna news – the first full year she was in our pop culture lexicon. Thanks Madonna and congrats on this year’s Golden Globe Awards.  All the above information was from the Mr. Pop week-by-week history archives. The dates indicate the week events occurred.