Pop Culture Rock Radio History – Last Rock DJ Standing – Jim Ladd

It’s no secret that KLOS-FM (Los Angeles) recently dismissed one of the last icons of original rock n’ roll FM radio – Jim Ladd – from its payroll. True, Jim was probably making too much money for his 1op-2a time slot. But, anybody in radio probably saw this coming – including Ladd himself. I mean, how many FM music stations even have a “live” late evening shift anymore? DJ shifts, in the traditional sense, have been disappearing. No more overnight live DJ’s, and, so many day shifts have been supplanted by voice tracks from corporate sister stations. Just this week, A Fresno (CA) FM station fired its two-person morning team and in their place, the voice-tracked morning morning team from WLTW (NY). It’s just the way it is.

Jim Ladd had a great run. KMET/KLOS/KNAC.  And, if you’ve been in the DJ business over 20 years, count each day. It’ll be interesting to see where Jim ladd ends up – and for how long. His best days are behind him, but they were great days.

We all miss the days of great DJ’s and their formats, whether it be top-40 radio, album-rock, MOR or otherwise. The memories and the talent and those iconic radio stations will always stand.