Mr. Pop Culture Report – September 7… Ipad Competitors Coming… Virtual Cigarette… Creator of TVs “Bonanza” Passes

iPad competitors coming – Beginning this fall (with several new devices launching at IFA Berlin last week) and stretching through next year (with the Consumer Electronics Show in early January), there are going to be far more consumer touch-screen tablets to choose from. And not just from small niche manufacturers. They include The Samsung Galaxy Tab and the The Toshiba Folio.

Interesting – Galen Kipe hasn’t smoked a cigarette in more than three months. He couldn’t kick his habit of 17 years with nicotine patches or gum. He finally put away his Marlboro menthols for good by swapping them for electronic cigarettes, which look like the real thing and give him his nicotine fix but do not contain tobacco. “It’s the closest thing to what I was doing before,” the 34-year-old steelworker from Asheboro, N.C., said. “I’m still getting the nicotine, but I don’t feel like I’m getting any kind of bad side effects. It can’t be any worse than actual cigarettes.”

Passing – David Dortort (93) creator of the long-running hit Western Bonanza, has died. He was 93. The long running series debuted in 1959 against ratings monster Perry Mason over at CBS. Then, NBC moved the show to Sunday nights were it became a top-rated show for most of the 1960′s. It was the first of its kind – the very first regular TV series to go color.