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Dateline: Events/Week Of December 22, 1999 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

The Justice Department says that the state of New Jersey has agreed to end racial profiling by New Jersey state troopers. It’s the first time the federal government has sought and won a formal ban on racial profiling by police.

 Four workers are gunned down at a Radisson Bay Harbor Hotel in Tampa by a fellow employee – who fled and killed yet a fifth person.

Christmas Rome – Pope John Paul II attacked abortion and called for a ban on the senseless use of weapons as the Vatican lunched its Jubilee, a year of forgiveness and self-reflection

Thousands gather along the Delaware River to watch a reenactment of George Washington’s icy Christmas Day 1776 crossing that was a decisive victory in the revolutionary war.

Astronauts replace the Hubble space telescope’s antiquated computer with a newer model.

Y2K is coming! A Gallup poll says 44% of consumers said they were likely to withdraw extra cash because of Y2K – but that number is down from earlier this year. Americans are now less concerned that there might be a problem.

President Clinton announces nearly $1 billion in grants to help more than 245,000 homeless get off the streets.

Russian forces in Chechnya launch a major assault on Grozny – the separatist republic’s ravaged capital – where many are trapped in basements.

Muslim hijackers who seized an Indian Airlines plane and flew it to Afghanistan – are now threatening to blow up themselves and the 160 passengers and crew – unless the Indian government frees an imprisoned Pakistani religious leader and frees several fighters for Kashmiri independence. A few days later – terrorists escalate their demands – now asking for $200 million and the release of 35 jailed guerrillas in exchange for freedom of the captives.

It’s a bigger year than ever for holiday shopping on the Internet.

Tipper Gore (51) has surgery to remove a suspicious nodule from her thyroid gland.


Business/Economy News - December 22, 1999

Fruit of the Loom files for chapter 11 BK protection.

Starbucks Corp says that it plans to spend about $300 million in its current fiscal year to open at least 400 coffee shops and is investing in two Internet ventures. It spend $261.8 million to open 460 stores in its past fiscal year and operates more than 2,600 coffee shops in North America, Britain, Asia and the Middle East.

Jenny Craig has hired Monica Lewinsky to be a spokesperson for weight loss. Lewinksy has lost 31 pounds from being on the program.

The Nasdaq closes above the 4000 mark - a record at 4041.46 – just about two months after it crossed 3000.  The Dow hits 11.405.

Burger King announces a voluntary recall of more than 25 million Pokemon balls after the death of a 13-month old girl. The balls, which are less than 3 inches in diameter – pull apart to reveal a toy inside.


Technology News – December 22, 1999

AOL agrees to buy MapQuest.com Inc – the #1 provider of maps on the Internet for about $1.1 billion in AOL stock.

A program written a Norwegian programmer that foils the encryption that prevents DVDs is a real concern for the industry. A suit has been filed by the DVD Copy Control Assn. – formed by the movie, computer and consumer electronics industries.

Hot – Sega, Nintendo and Sony are beating forecasts as the video game industry is booming!

Here are the top console video games - December 22, 1999

Donkey Kong 64 – Nintendo 64

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 – Nintendo 64

Tomorrow Never dies 007 – PlayStation

Pokemon Snap – Nintendo 64

NBA Live 2000  PlayStation

Tony Hawks Pro Skater – PlayStation

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis – PlayStation

Toy Story 2 – PlayStation

Spyro the Dragon – PlayStation

Spyro the Dragon 2 - PlayStation


Radio news – December 22, 1999

New Years Eve - Y2K – Here we come as Art Bell will host an extended version of “Coast to Coast AM.” Bell says he wants to be there if something happens.


Music news – December 22, 1999

 Beatle George Harrison was stabbed in the chest, fighting off a knife-wielding intruder at his mansion in London. Harrison (56) is in stable condition with a one-inch chest wound. His wife, Olivia, suffered superficial wounds in the attack. She hit the intruder over the head with a lamp. Arrested was Michael Abram (33) of Liverpool – whose mother says her son has a history of mental problems. Abram managed to get through Harrison’s security systems. Harrison and his wife were involved in the life-and-death struggle for some three hours! Harrison suffered a minor collapse  of the right long – but the knife missed vital organs.

Passing – R&B artists Curtis Mayfield. He was 57.

Rapper Sean “Puffy” Combs is arrested and charged wit criminal possession of a weapon after a gun was found in the sport utility vehicle in which he and actress-singer Jennifer Lopez were riding. This followed a shooting at a Times Square dance club, which injured three.

Billy Joel does a live chat at abcnews.go.com.


Top Pop Hit Music – December 22, 1999

Girl on TV- LFO

I Wanna Love You Forever – Jessica Simpson

Christmas Song – Christina Aguilera

Stay the Night – IMX

Smooth – Santana

You Can Do It – Ice Cube

Don’t say You Le Me – M2M

Dancin’ – Guy

You Know What’s Up – Donell Jones


Top music albums – December 22, 1999

Dr. Dre 2001 – Dr. Dre

Supernatural – Santana

Rainbow – Mariah Carey

All the Way A Decade Of Song - Celine Dion

Faith: A Holiday Album – Kenny G.

Millennium – Backstreet Boys


Entertainment news – December 22, 1999

 Planet Hollywood says it is closing its … Hollywood outlet. Not enough business. Oh well!

Marry  - Jerry Seinfeld (45) to Jessica Sklar (28).

Arnold Schwarzeneger and the Globe settle his $50 million lawsuit over a story that said he was on the midst of a heart crisis.


New Year’s Eve television – December 31, 1999

CBS – Late Show with David, Grammy’s Greatest, America’s Millennium (continues into the New Year)

NBC – Dateline NBC, NBC News Special (continues into the New Year)

ABC – ABC 2000 (continues into the New Year)

Fox – Movie-Star Trek Generations, Fox 2000.

Fox 2000 – Countdown with Brit Hume and Paula Zahn in Times Square. Also the Neville Brothers, Red Hot Chill Peppers and reports from all over the world.

MTV – MTV 2 Large New Year’s Eve Party

PBS – PBS Millennium 2000

WB – Jaimie Foxx, Steve Harvey

CNN – In the middle of 100 hours of around-the-world reports through Jan. 4.


On the Late Show w/David Letterman – Kevin James, stupid human tricks.

On CBS America’s Millennium – including a performance by Celine Dion in Montreal.

On MTV 2 Large New Year’s Eve Party – Performances by the Goo Goo Dolls, Blink 182, 98 Degrees, Christina Aguilera. 


Television news – December 22, 1999

Passing – Clayton Moore – The one, the only Lone Ranger of 1950’s television. He was 85.

Passing – Leonard Goldenson – One of the men who started ABC. He was 94.

 Don’t miss Steve Irwin – “The Crocodile Hunter” on Animal Planet. You love it because – as a writer said – the prospect of Irwin being chewed on by one of his co-stars is the show’s selling proposition.

E! says goodbye to “The Gossip Show” after six years. Last show airs Christmas night.

President Clinton is on “Larry King” the day before Christmas Eve.


Top Movies – December 22, 1999

Any Given Sunday

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Stuart Little

Toy Story 2

The green Mile

Man on the Moon

Galaxy Quest

Bicentennial Man

Duce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Anna the King


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