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Dateline: Week Of September 22, 1999 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

After three years on the case – the FBI says it will restart the China spy case relating to the Los Alamos national Laboratory.

The National Labor Committee charges that sweatshops in Central America produce garments for TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford’s clothing label – Caribbean Apparel.

A week after a gunman killed seven people and himself at a Ft. Worth church, Texas Gov. George W. Bush said that it is time to get tougher on criminals illegally possessing guns.

Sears stops selling “The Villain,” a gun-toting 12-inch action figure in a black trench coat because of complaints that the character resembles the teen gunmen at Columbine high School in Colorado. The doll comes with a ski mask, black coat, body armor shotgun and rifle and appears in Sears’ holiday catalog as part of a series called “Heroes and Villains.” The doll sells for $29.95. Only fifteen have been sold.

NASA says that a last-minute navigation error caused the $125 million spacecraft to disintegrate in the Martian atmosphere.

Two die and at least 39 wounded during a mid-morning grenade attack on Serbian farmers market outside Kosovo’s provincial capital.

The late John F. Kennedy Jr. leaves his personal effects to the children of his sister, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, according to his will.

Monica Lewinsky confidant Linda Tripp files an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against the White House and Pentagon.

The recent spate of bombings in Russia – particularly those to apartment buildings which keeled 300 Russians – a familiar terrorist name keeps coming up – Osama bin laden.

Typhoon Bart hits Japan – killing at least 26.

Patrick Naughton – who used to head Walt Disney Co.’s online efforts, is arrested on sex charges by the FBI. He was soliciting 13-year-old girls. 

Huffy Corp – the bike company, says it will stop making bikes domestically because of competition from China. It will close its plants in Missouri and Mississippi by the end of the year. 

Passing – Actor George C. Scott. He was 71.

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani of NY doesn’t like what he saw at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. An exhibition containing a portrait of a black Virgin Mary with elephant dung on her breast – saying it was anti-Catholic bias and now says, he will cut off city funding for the museum.


Technology News – September 22, 1999

Internet service providers Earthlink and Mindspring have agreed to a merger.

Western Digital Corp – voluntarily recalls 400,000 hard disk drives. The company provides drives to Compaq, Dell and Gateway. 

Intel Corp now wants to provide Internet services and wants to help companies run web sites.

Amazon is not about books anymore as this week – it opens a place to buy everything from auto parts to buffalo steaks.


Sports News – September 22, 1999

Golfer Justin Leonard wins the Ryder Cup and a win for the United States.


Music news – September 22, 1999

The women rule – At the Country Music Assn. Awards – Shania Twain gets best entertainer and the Dixie Chicks win for best vocal group and best single and video for “Wide Open Spaces.” Vince Gill hosted.

“The Fragile” – the first Nine-Inch Nails album in five years – is #1 this week. 

Garth Brooks chats online this week – along with his fictional on-line character – Rock Star Chris Gaines. At nbctalkcity.com

Marilyn Manson re-creates – well sort of, the John F. Kennedy assassination in his latest  video – “Coma White.” The video begins airing on MTV this week. Manson is Kennedy and his real-life girlfriend – Rose McGowan is seated next to him dressed like Jackie. 

Diana Ross gets arrested at Heathrow Airport after allegedly assaulting a female security officer who was attempting to search her.

VH1 Save the Music is set for Oct 23. Look for performances by Bono, Garth Brooks, B.B King, Eric Clapton, John Fogerty, n’ Sync, Gloria Estefan, Sheryl Crow and others.  


Friday night television listings/TV Guide – September 22, 1999

CBS – Kids Say the Darndest Things, Candid Camera, Now Again, Nash Bridges, Dave Letterman

NBC – Providence, Dateline NBC, Cold Feet, Jay Leno

ABC – The Hughleys, Boy Meets World, Sabrina, Odd Man Out, Nightline

WB – Jaime Foxx, Steve Harvey, For Your Love

PBS – Washington Week, Wall St. Week

Sci-Fi – Farscape, Sliders, First Wave, Poltergeist:: The Legacy


On Dave Letterman – Kelly Preston.

On Jay Leno – Dennis Rodman, Britney Spears. 


Television news – September 22, 1999

“The Simpsons” begins its 11th season this week.

Kathie Lee Gibson defends herself (see story above) on her popular “Regis and Kathie Lee” show. She said she was the victim of “vicious personal attacks.”

On Saturday Night Live – Gwyneth Paltrow and musical guest Barnaked Ladies.

Top TV Shows/Ratings – September 22, 1999

Monday Night Football – 23.06 million viewers

Judging Amy – 19.57

Frasier – 18.71

NFL Showcase – 18.68

60 Minutes – 17.50

Friends – 16.63

Miss America Pageant – 15.36

ER– 15.16

Movie-Sealed with a Kiss – 14.03

 Everybody Loves Raymond – 13.40


Top Movies – September 22, 1999

Double Jeopardy


The Sixth Sense

For Love of the Game

American Beauty


Stir of Echoes

Jake the Liar


Runaway Bride

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