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Dateline: Week Of February 8, 1999 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

What will happen to President Clinton? So far – Three Republican senators say will acquit him.

Hours after his father’s death – King Abdullah II is sworn in as king of Jordan. Meantime – crowds gather and leaders converge at King Hussein’s funeral in Amman. Attending – a frail Boris Yeltsin. 

Hammering home the need for a strategy that measures success and failure, the Clinton administration is announcing a five-part plan designed to cut the size of the nation’s drug problem in half by 2007.

President Clinton is acquitted by the U.S. Senate. His perjury charge is rejected 55.45 and obstruction charge tally was 50-50. The votes fell far short of the 2/3’rds needed to get rid of him. Afterwards, Clinton apologized to the nation in the Rose Garden. The public favored the decision. 

Stroh Brewery Co. – the nation’s fourth-largest beer maker announces it is going out of business after 149 years and has struck deals to divide its brand between rivals Miller and Pabst. Stroh’s parent company, Stroh, Cos., plans to focus on its real estate business and on managing its portfolio of financial assets.

A giant Manta Ray gets caught in the anchor line of a motorboat, which was being dragged by the giant creature. Two men in the boat tried to reverse the engine but the creature – measuring an 18-feet in length – kept it in tow. Eventually, the coast guard pulled on the anchor line and the creature freed itself.  The boat was dragged for a total of 2 hours and 1-½ miles.

A quarter of all American Airline pilots defy a court order and extend their sickout to a sixth day – forcing the carrier to cancel additional flights. 

The Rev. Jerry Falwell warns parents in the February edition of his National Liberty Journal that the purple purse-carrying Tinky Winky Teletubby may be a gay role model. He supports his claim further by saying the color purple is the gay-pride color and the character’s antenna is shaped like a triangle – a symbol of gay pride.


Technology News – February 8, 1999

Just beginning - Sales of flat-panel televisions are $11,000 to $25,000 and use plasma technology. They can be up to 5 inches deep and 50 inches wide.

IBM says it has unveiled a pirate-proof music system that will enable consumers to download recordings at home through high-speed cable lines. This as the music industry is trying to address the MP3 problem. Last week – a dozen new, unreleased songs by rap star Nas were stolen and posted by a pirate.

Amazon.com offered refunds for all books it has recommended amid criticism that it charged publishers for book endorsements. The world’s largest online bookseller also promised to tell customers when a publisher has paid for a prominent display on its web site.


Sports News – February 8, 1999

Saying he was a psycho fan” and a “sports geek,” Spawn comic book creator Todd McFarlane revealed at a news conference he was anonymous bidder who paid more than $3 million for Mark McGuire’s 70th home run ball.

Dennis Rodman the controversial forward – says he will join the Los Angeles Lakers.

In Las Vegas – Oscar De La Hoya wins a split decision against Ike Quartey.


Top music albums – February 8, 1999

Chyna Doll – Foxy Brown

Greatest Hits – 2Pac

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Americana – the Offspring

Romanza – Andrea Bocelli

Flesh of My Flesh – DMX

‘N sync – ‘N Sync

14:49 – Sugar Ray

$1’s – Mariah Carey

…Baby One More Time – Britney Spears


Music News – February 8, 1999

The Grammy folks are releasing their first hip-hop compilation – “1999 Grammy Rap Nominees.” Look for Busta Rhymes, Lauryn Hill, OutKast, Wyclef Jean, Pras Michel, Will Smith and others.  


Television news – February 8, 1999

Paul Schaffer of Dave Letterman’s show, is forming an all-kid’s band for the Nickelodeon channel.

Viewers to ABC’s “Drew Carey Show and “Dharma & Greg” got real ticked off when ABC thought it was a great idea to run a crawler at the bottom of the screen – the same kind you see in weather bulletins – promoting the upcoming miniseries “Storm of the Century” and its accompanying “Storm Watch” alert.

Oprah Winfrey says she’s ready to exit show business –but it’s not the first time she’s said it. She says her contact has two years “then I am getting out of such shows because I feel they are going to burn themselves out.” She pointed to Jerry Springer for bringing down the state of talk shows, saying she wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually seeing one person kill another.

On “Saturday Night Live” – Host is Branden Frasier with musical guest Busta Rhymes. 

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