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Dateline: Events/Week of November 22, 1996 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Off the Comoro islands – A hijacked Ethiopian jet runs out of fuel just short of an island airport and the plane plunged into the Indian Ocean as hijackers conducted negotiations by radio.  At least 54 survived including two of the four hijackers. At least 90 are dead.

New Jersey - An Amtrak train carrying mail and 113 people jumped the track at 60mph sideswiping another Amtrak train and lancing in a swamp thirty-four people were injured.

President Clinton pardons Carl the Turkey and he’ll go to a petting zoo. President Clinton was hoarse from his 12-day trip to Asia and Australia.

Doctors perform angioplasty on Mother Teresa who had been near death after a heart attack a week ago.

Gov. David Beasley persuades most of South Carolina’s leading politicians to join his effort to move the Confederate battle flag off the statehouse dome. Many blacks say the flag symbolizes slavery and racism. A compromise would movie it to a Confederate monument on the Statehouse grounds. 

Jose Ignacio Lopez – a purchasing chief for Volkswagen of Germany – resigns amid espionage charges. Apparently – he stole secrets from his ex-employer – General Motors.

In court – O.J. Simpson couldn’t explain … saying he had no idea how blood land on his property and had no detail about how he suffered a gash in his left hand.

Higher fees will be imposed to those visiting national parks – in some cases – more than doubling fees.


Health/Medical news – November 23, 1996

AZT drug treatments can limit the spread of the AIDS virus from a mother to her newborn baby, but the reason it works remains unclear, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine.


Music news – November 23, 1996

Construction begins in Corpus Christi for a memorial for slain singing sensation Selena.

MTV says it will add more techno, pop and dance.


Television news – November 23, 1996

NBC once again –broadcasts the movie “Home Alone” Thanksgiving night – and it gets big ratings.

Top TV Shows/Ratings – November 23, 1996

ER – 25.5

Seinfeld – 22.6

Monday Night football – 21.4

Suddenly Susan – 19.2

Friends – 19.0

The Single Guy – 16.8

Home Improvement – 15.0

Touched by an Angel – 14.7

Dateline: NBC (Tue.) – 14.4

20.20 – 13.8

Walker, Texas Ranger – 13.5

 60 Minutes – 13.4

The Drew Carey Show – 13.3

Frasier – 13.2

Mad About You – 12.7

Movie – In Cold Blood part 1 – 12.6

NYPD Blue – 12.6

Grace Under Fire – 12.3

Carline in the City – 12.2

The X-Files – 12.2

3rd rock from the Sun – 12.0

Cosby – 11.9

Spin City – 11.9

Dateline NBC (fri.) – 11.4

Primetime Live – 10.9

Murphy Brown – 10.9

Maverick – 10.9

Chicago Hope – 10.7

Cybil – 10.7


Top movies – November 23, 1996

Star Trek: First Contact

Space Jam


Jingle all the Way

The Mirror has Two Faces

Set If off

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

The English Patient


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