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Dateline: Events/Week of July 22, 1996 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts

In The News

Terrorism is on the lips of many concerning the downing of TWA flight 800, as federal officials broaden the hunt for clues of its downing. An onboard bomb is suspect. 

A tornado ripped through houses in the southern Wisconsin community of Oakfield and nearly 200 buildings were destroyed.

The Senate approves welfare reform – as the measure was amended to please President Clinton.

President Clinton orders new measures to tighten security at airports and aboard airlines including ore hand searches of luggage.

Bob Dole marks his 73rd birthday.

Louisiana - Dr. Richard Schmidt is charged with attempted second-degree murder of a 33-year-old nursed. She tried to break off their decade-long relationship and he retaliated by injecting her with blood from an Aids patient, telling her it was a vitamin B-12 shot.

New law in Britain – as infertility clinics must destroy unclaimed frozen human embryos after five years.

An Iberia DC-10 airliner en route from Madrid to Havana is diverted to Miami by a man brandishing – what he called a bomb.

Interesting turn as the guard who saw the bomb at the Atlanta games, is now a suspect. Richard Jewell had been hailed a hero for finding the bomb, then warning authorities.

President Clinton calls on Republican leaders  - and asks unity on new  government tools to fight terrorism. “I think when the bomb went of in the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, that park literally became our national common ground – a symbol of our common determination to stand against terrorism.” The President urges use of racketeering laws and longer statutes of limitation.

The Georgia National Guard mobilizes more troops and investigators indicated that the person who exploded a pipe bomb at the Games might be an American.

A judge dismisses a woman’s lawsuit against two Virginia Tech football players and declared unconstitutional a federal law allowing rape victims to sue their attackers for damages.

Fire broke out aboard a cruise ship in Alaska’s Inside Passage, killing five crew members and injuring 76. The fire began in the laundry room aboard the Universe explorer. The ship was about two hours from Juneau. The ship was never in danger of sinking and the fire was put out with the help of a Coast Guard team placed aboard the ship.

Radio address – President Clinton said that Congress needs to do more work on a welfare reform bill to remote work and protect children and he warned Congress against sending him an “extremist” measure.

Bob Dole used the weekly Republican radio address to deplore the bomb attack in Atlanta and suggested that President Clinton and people in the entertainment and fashion industries are partly to blame for an increase in drug use. 


Some bestselling books – July 22, 1996

The Runaway Jury – John Grisham

Cause of Death – Patricia Cornwell

A Little Yellow Dog – Walter Mosley

The Statement – Brian Moore

Lily White – Susan Isaacs

Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away With Murder – Vincent Bugliosi

Hit and Run – How Jon Peters and Peter Guber Took Sony For A Ride in Hollywood – Nancy Griffin and Kim Masters

The Dilbert Principal – Scott Adams

Fallng Up – Shel Silverstein


Sports news – July 22, 1996

President Clinton attends the opening of the Summer games in Atlanta. Almost 200 nations will participate. Some action - The Basketball “Dream Team” beat Lithuania – 104-82. Silver medals go to Jeremy Linn in the 100-meter breaststroke and Allison Wagner in the 400-meter individual medley.

But wait – a large explosion rocks Centennial Olympic Park – injuring hundreds – more later!

Wayne Gretzky is going to the NY Rangers and he’s taking a pay cut – About $4 million a year in salary – down from $6.54 million last season with the LA Kings and St. Louis Blues.

American Tom Legman wins the British Open.

The NFL suspends Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin for breaking the league’s drug policy. He plead no contest to felony cocaine charges.


Summer games in Atlanta –

Carl Lewis gets a gold in the long-jump competition.

Daryl Strawberry hits his 300th career home run as the Yankees beat the KC Royals – 3-2.

Tommy Lasorda bids goodbye as he is retiring as manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers just before a game with the Marlins. The Dodgers won – 5-4 in10-innings. 


Technology news – July 22, 1996

Microsoft Corp. and American Express Co. are developing an online reservation system for corporate travelers. The service will let executives make airline, hotel and rental car reservations and buy tickets using personal computers. 


Entertainment /Celebrity/Movie news – July 22, 1996

Passing – Actress Claudette Colbert. She was 90.

Actor Robert Downey is ordered to spend the next month under 24-hour supervision at a lock-down drug treatment center.

Passing – character actress Virginia Christine – best known as “Mrs Olson” in the coffee commercials.


Music news – July 22, 1996

Michael Jackson held a brief news conference in Sun City S. Africa – apologizing for wearing dark aviator glasses, but said they were necessary to hide his tears of joy – that he was happy to be there. 

Pearl Jam announces an 11-show North American tour – on their own terms without Ticketmaster. Look for their new album, “No Code” on August 27. Radio stations are already playing the album’s first single – “Who Are You?”

Rapper Warren G is arrested in Hollywood after cops found a loaded 9-mm handgun in his truck.

LeAnn Rimes’ “Blue” is the #1 album this week. She’s only 13.

Hot video – “Cops Too Hot for TV” – shows tempers being lost by cops, being berated by suspects and more.


Top Pop Hit Singles(top-40) – July 22, 1996

Loungin – LL Cool J

How Do You Want It – 2Pac

Twisted – Keith Sweat

Makin’ Me High – Toni Braxton

Change the World – Eric Clapton

I Can’t Sleep, Baby (If I) – R. Kelly

Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix), Los Del Rio

Only You – 112

Why I Love You So – Monica

Someday – All-4-One


Television news – July 22, 1996

Ad seen - “MSNBC The 24-Hour Cable & Internet News Service.” “It’s Time To Get Connected.”

 Passing – Actor Herb Edelman – best known as Bea Arthur’s ex-husband in “The Golden Girls.” He was 62.

David Letterman signs to keep his CBS-TV late night talk show through 2000-2001.

David Letterman writer Merrill Markoe gets a gig in front of the camera as a correspondent for NBC’s “Real Life” daytime.


Sunday night television listings/TV guide – week of July 22, 1996

CBS – 60 Minutes, Murder She Wrote, Movie

NBC – XXVI Summer Olympics

ABC – America’s Funniest Home Videos, Lois & Clark, Movie

Fox – When Animals Attack, the Simpsons, New York Undercover

WB – Kirk, The Parent ‘Hood, Sister Sister, Unhappily Ever After

PBS – Nature, Masterpiece Theater

MTV – The Real World, Road Rules, The Eagles: Hell Freezes Over, Beavis and Butt-head.


Top movies – July 22, 1996

Independence Day


Courage Under Fire

Nutty Professor

The Frighteners




Hunchback of Notre Dame


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