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Dateline: Events/Week of March 25, 1993 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

 President Boris Yelstin and his conservative rival Ruslan Khasbulatov agree to call early presidential parliamentary elections in November, hoping to settle a power struggle which is threatening the future of Russia.  

In the first public meeting of the White House Task Force on National Health Care Reform, Vice President Al Gore said that short-term cost controls are necessary to put a lid on the spiraling cost of insurance. Gore, who chaired the meeting, said it would then become easier for businesses to furnish workers with health coverage under a government mandate. 

The U.N. Security Council approves a resolution authorizing the shooting down of “Serbian” or any other military planes violating the U.N. ban on flying over Bosnia-Herzegovina (a no-fly zone).

IBM names Louis Gerstner Jr. its chairman - the first outsider in the company’s 79-year history. He comes from RJR Nabisco holdings

In Waco, cult leader David Koresh (33) enters his second month hold-up inside his rural compound with almost 100 loyal followers. If he surrenders, he faces jail and possible murder charges in the deaths of four Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents who died in a raid on the compound in February (seeking illegal weapons). Progress has been made; Agents have managed to extricate more than 35 people, including 21 children.

The 71-page investigative report of the faked fiery GM truck crash on NBC- Dateline, is released this week. The report, commissioned by NBC, was the product of two outside lawyers.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news –March 25, 1993

At the Oscars this week:

Best: Picture - “Unforgiven”

Actor - Al Pacino - “Scent of a Woman”

Actress - Emma Thompson - “Howard’s End”

Director - Clint Eastwood - “Unforgiven”

Supporting actor - Gene Hackman - “Unforgiven”

Supporting actress - Marisa Tomei - “My Cousin Vinny”

Best original screenplay - Neil Jordan - “The Crying Game” 

Original song - “A Whole New World” - Aladdin

Original score - Alan Menken - “Aladdin”


Killed - actor Brandon Lee (28) - the son of the late kung fu star Bruce Lee, is killed during a filming scene of the movie “The Crow,” after a small explosive charge used to simulate gunfire went off inside a grocery bag.

The FCC orders the nation’s cable-TV operators to roll back their rates. Most customers should begin seeing a $1 to $3 reduction in bills by August.

“Cheers” tapes its last episode - to air May 20. The last seven minutes were shot without a studio audience to keep the ending a secret. With Shelly Long returning to the last episode, producers wanted to keep a possible “reunion” with Sam hush until the broadcast. 

Joan Van Ark and Donna Mills will return to “Knots Landing” for the finale on May 13. They’ll resume their roles as Val Ewing and Abby Cunningham-Ewing-Summer. The final episode finds them trapped aboard a plane with a ticking time bomb.

Passing - lyricist Mitchell Parish (92) - wrote the lyrics to Hoagy Carmichael’s “Stardust” one of pop music’s most recorded songs.


Friday night television listings/TV guide – March 25, 1993

CBS - The Golden Palace, Major Dad, Designing Women, Good Advice, Bodies of Evidence ... NBC - Secret Service, Movie ... ABC - Family Matters, Step by Step, Getting By Darren, Where I Live, 20/20 ... FOX - America’s Most Wanted, Sightings, Sightings ...


Top pop hit music singles – March 25, 1993 

Informer- Snow

Freak Me- Silk

Nuthin' But A "G" Thang- Dr. Dre

I Have Nothing- Whitney Houston

Don't Walk Away- Jade

Ordinary World- Duran Duran

I'm Every Woman- Whitney Houston

A Whole New World- Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle

Two Princes- Spin Doctors

Mr. Wendal- Arrested Development

Bed Of Roses- Bon Jovi

The Right Kind Of Love- Jeremy Jordan

Hip Hop Hooray- Naughty By Nature

Cat's In The Cradle- Ugly Kid Joe

Comforter- Shai.

“Ditty” - Paperboy

“It Was A Good Day” - Ice Cube

“I’m So Into You” - SMV

“Hip Hop Hooray” - Naughty By Nature

“I Got a Man” - Positive K

“Everything’s ... Alright” - Father MC    


Top Music Albums – March 25, 1993

Songs of Faith and Devotion - Depeche Mode

The Bodyguard - soundtrack

The Summoner’s Tales - Sting

Unplugged - Eric Clapton

Breathless - Kenny G

Coverdale/Paige - Coverdale/Paige

Pocket... of Kryptonite - Spin Doctors

Duran, Duran - Duran Duran

Aladdin - soundtrack

Home Invasion - Ice T

The Chronic - Dr Dre

3 Years 5 Months ..., Arrested Dev

Ten - Pearl Jam

Dirt - Alice In Chains

Core - Stone Temple Pilots

Grave Dancers Union - Soul Asylum

Metallica - Metallica

Stain - Living Colour

America’s Least Wanted - Ugly Kid Joe 


Top movies – March 25, 1993

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Born Yesterday - John Goodman, Don Johnson, Melanie Griffith

 Point Of No Return - Bridget Fonda, Gabriel Byrne, Anne Bancroft, Harvey Keitel

The Crying Game - Forest Whitaker, Miranda Richardson, Stephen Rea, Jaye Davidson

 Groundhog Day- Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell

Hear No Evil -- Marlee Matlin, D.B. Sweeney, Martin Sheen

Fire in the Sky - D.B. Sweeney

Falling Down - Michael Douglas

CB4  - Chris Rock, and Khandi Alexander

Far Off Place - Reese Witherspoon, Ethan Randall, Sarel Bok, Jack Thompson, Maximillan Schell.

Scent of a Woman - Al Pacino

A Few Good Men - Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Demi Moore.

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