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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of June 1, 1979 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Former budget director Burt Lance and three other men are indicted on charges of violating federal banking laws and conspiring to defraud government agencies. The 20-month investigation resulted in a total of 33 indictments. If convicted on all counts, Lance could be sentenced up to 95 years in prison with hefty fines.

In affidavits recently opened to the public, the FBI alleges that top Kansas City organized crime leaders secretly controlled the famous Tropicana hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

In Canada, Pierre Trudeau is ousted as Premier and 39 year-old Joe Clark becomes the youngest prime minister in Canadian history.

Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel and President Anwar Sadat announce that the borders between Egypt and Israel are open since the birth of Israel 31 years ago. “Residents of Egypt will be able to visit Israel. Citizens of Israel will be able to visit Egypt.”              

Congress passes a bill authorizing the awarding its gold medal to John Wayne, who turns 72 this week. Leading the charge on Capitol Hill was Elizabeth Taylor and actress Maureen O’Hara. Said Taylor: “Kids today... talk about cool. Well big John is one cool cat. He is a giant and he will be with us always.” Wayne is hospitalized in California for the treatment of cancer. President Carter is expected to sign the bill, which also authorizes the mint to strike bronze duplicates of the John Wayne medal to the public for sale. 


Sports news – June 1, 1979

Indian State star Larry Byrd is in negotiations with the Boston Celtics in his first NBA deal. The Celtics are offering $500 thousand, but Byrd wants $700 thousand per year...Cy Young winner Gaylord Perry has his contracted extended with the Padres through 1980 with a $25 thousand raise to $200 thousand.


Technology news – June 1, 1979

At the cable show in Las Vegas, Turner announces a new 24-hour news channel. Also announced, new information, entertainment and children’s programming. Currently, cable TV is in 14.5 million homes or 20% of all homes.

On sale - Advent VideoBeam TV - $1799...(Ram)-Nancy Lopez autograph golf set, 8 irons and 3 woods - $159.97...Igloo playmate - keeps food and drinks cold for summer - $9.97.


Prices at the Supermarket – June 1, 1979

At the mart Hellmans’s-Best Foods mayonnaise, a 32 oz jar - $1.33. A six-pack of coke in 12oz cans $1.45. Package of 24 Johnson’s diapers $2.49.


Tuesday night Television listings/programs/TV guide – May 28, 1979

(CBS) Wonder Woman, Movie...(NBC) The Runaways, Movie...(ABC) Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Three’s Company, Barbara Walters Special.

CBS Movie - “The Survival Of Dana” - Sue Anderson, Robert Carradine

NBC Movie (1971) - “The Revengers” - William Holden, Ernest Hemingway.


Barbara Walters interviews America’s Funniest Superstars! - Mary Tyler Moore, Rob Reiner/Penny Marshall, George Burns, Richard Pryor.


Music news – June 1, 1979

Pending a June 8 hearing, Mick Jagger is ordered to pay is his estranged wife, Bianca, $12 thousand in temporary support. Jagger must also pay Bianca $2,500 in medical bills from a skating accident and $35 thousand in legal fees for future divorce litigation


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) USA – June 1, 1979

Bee Gees - “Love You Inside Out,” Village People - “In The Navy,”  Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman - “Stumblin In,”  Donna Summer - “Hot Stuff”, England Dan & John Ford Coley - “Love Is The Answer” Peaches & Herb - “Reunited, Supertramp “The Logical Song,” Sister Sledge - “He’s The Greatest Dancer.”


Top Country Hit Music Singles – June 1, 1979

 Bellamy Brothers - “If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me”  Kenny Rogers - “She Believes In Me,”  John Conlee - “Backside Of Thirty,” Conway Twitty - “Don’t Take It Away,” Crystal Gayle - “When I Dream,” Merle Haggard - “Red Bandana,” T.G. Shepard - “You Feel Good All Over.”


Top movies – June 1, 1979

The premiere of “Alien” with Tom Skerritt, Sigounrey Weaver, Veronica Cartwright and Harry Dean Stanton.

Dawn Of The Dead - David Emge, Ken Foree

Hanover Street - Harrison Ford

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