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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of April 22, 1979 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

In San Antonio – a 65-year-old man opens fire from the back of a motor home on a group of policemen and then turned his arsenal of weapons on parade spectators. Two women were killed and at least 44 persons were injured before the 30-minute attack ended with the gunman shot fatally. 

President Carter terms “a lot of baloney” a charge by en Edward Kennedy that he is intimidated by the oil industry.

Prime Minister Menachem Begin nominates President Carter for the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize as the “architect’ of peace in the Middle East.”

 Reputed Mafia chieftain Joseph Bonanno Sr. is indicted by a federal grand jury in San Francisco on a charge of conspiring to “corruptly obstruct justice” by keeping information from a grand jury.

The typical urban family of four had to gross $18,662 last year – 9% more than the year before – to maintain what the government considers to be a moderate standard of living.

The EPA says it is seeking civil penalties totaling $159,000 from Texaco Inc, a California gasoline distributor and 11 service stations for allegedly selling leaded gasoline as unleaded.

In Los Angeles, it looks like police will charge Kenneth Bianchi with 10 of the 13 “Hillside Strangler” murders that terrorized the area in 1977 and 1978.

Passing – Marvella Bayh (46) who turned her long personal struggle against cancer into a national crusade.

A newly mustached Billy Carter – a recovering alcoholic, tells reporters, “I feel so damn good… I quit smoking too. I gave up everything that’s good.” He’s also 11 pounds slimmer.


Fascinating Business news – April 22, 1979

Sears, Roebuck and Co. says it is fed up with what it described as federal harassment and will no longer do business with the government. It said the decision would cost it revenues of $20 million in a year.


Technology news – April 22, 1979

At Radio Shack -  Tandy TRS-80 16 K Level II Personal Computer Just $998.

Help Manage Your Budget. Store and update mailing lists. Entertain with exciting games! Teach BASIC programming. Yesterday’s dream – today’s reality!


Advertising news – McDonalds – April 22, 1979

McDonald’s which has been saying “We Do It All For You” as an advertising slogan is switching to “Nobody Can Do It Like McDonald’s Can,”


Entertainment /Celebrity news – April 22, 1979

After his Carnegie Hall performance, comedian Andy Kaufman invited his audience of 2,800 to board buses for a midnight snack of milk and cookies at an undisclosed location – and they went. The buses were bound for the New York School of Printing on Manhattan’s West Side. During the performance, he offered $1,000 to any woman in the audience who could wrestle him down onstage and the match ended in a draw. He introduced mock versions of the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, the Morman Tabernacle Choir and Santa Clause. Joining the comedian for cookies – his parents – Mr. And Mrs. Stanley Kaufman of Great Neck, NY (both in picture with Andy). 

Brigitte Bardot appears in court to testify in her suit against the American Hospital in Paris, which she claims failed to do al it could to save her mother’s life.  Her mother had suffered cardiac problems after an operation for an intestinal tumor.

George Burns is honored as the “Entertainer of the Century” at the 22nd annual Show-A-Rama gathering of the film industry.


Playing in Las Vegas –

Connie Stevens – Aladdin

Sammy Davis Jr. – Caesars Palace

Juliet Prowse and Anthony Newley – Desert Inn

Debbie Reynolds and Norm Crosby – Frontier

Liberace – Hilton

Dean Martin – MGM Grand

Glen Campbell and Debby Boone – Riviera

Eddy Arnold – Sahara

Wayne Newton and Dave Barry - Sand


Music news – April 22, 1979

“Music Box Dancer” is a surprise hit for Canadian Frank Mills. The song was originally released in 1974 on an album. The re-release of the song comes at the right time for Mills, whose career hit rock bottom in 1977: “I was so frustrated then, I was at my wit’s end and I didn’t know where to turn. It starts to affect a man’s sense of pride when you don’t feel you’re getting anywhere. I have a wife and three kids and I’ve got to keep bread on the table. I got a taxi driver’s license a year ago in case things got really bad. But I got that Music Bo Dancer idea and I was saved.” 

New York’s newest disco - - three floors for dancing and entertainment, fun house mirrors and flashing lights – even a carousel and a bright-red fire engine. It’s called the Electric Circus. The new nightspot is at the corner of 15th St. and Fifth Ave. and opened to an invitation-only crowd. Rival Studio 54’s similar custom of picking patrons from a waiting line of would be disco-manes – has forced Electric Circus to be selective, according to its owners.  

Speaking of disco – here’s an update – Disco has given birth to an estimated $8-billion-a-year industry of roller rinks, clothing, nightclubs, nonalcoholic kiddie discos. TV shows, movies, Broadway musicals. And of course – record sales. This year’s Grammy Award for new Artist of the year went to disco act Taste of Honey, edging out pop, new wave, and rock contenders. And rockers like the Rolling Stones (Miss You) and Rod Stewart (Do Ya Think I’m Sexy) are clearly disco records.  

Ringo Starr says he nearly died when he collapsed in his Monte Carlo home two weeks ago and latter underwent surgery to remove part of his intestines. “I had a good look at death in the face. I was convinced this was it,” said Starr (38). “It all went back to when I had peritonitis (inflammation of abdominal membrane that causes severe pain and fever) as a child, Suddenly everything twisted up inside me.”


Television news – April 22, 1979

Johnny Carson will discuss his reasons for wanting to leave “The Tonight Show,” on “60 Minutes” this week.

The FCC curbs cable TV rules. One rule limits generally to two – the number of out-of-town TV stations signals urban cable systems may import from distance areas. Cable operators have used microwave towers to carry big-city TV station programs hundreds of miles to viewers in suburban and rural areas. The second rule allows local stations in the 50 largest TV markets to force a cable operator to black out any show carried on those imported channels if the show appears on a local station.

Margaret Trudeau, the estranged wife of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau walks off the set of NBC’s “Today” show in a huff after being questioned about her personal life. She has a book out called “Beyond Reason” – and it’s about her marriage. The walk-out took place after a taping, when she was asked to stay for retaping and cutaway shots. Jane Pauley was the interviewer.

On ABC-TV this week, “Dorothy Hamill’s Corner Of The Sky!” special. With guests Gary Frank, Henry Gibson, Sally Kellerman, Avery Schreiber and Professor Irwin Corey.


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV guide – April 22, 1979

CBS – 60 Minutes, All in the Family, One Day At A time, Alice, Stockard Channing in Just Friends, Mary Tyler Moore

NBC – Wonderful World of Disney, Movie, Weekend

ABC – Friends, ABC Theater

PBS – FYI, Masterpiece Theater


ABC Theater – Friendly Fire” – Carol Burnett and Ned Beatty – a true story of the parents of a young soldier killed in Vietnam. 

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