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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of April 1, 1979 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The Arab League and the PLO agree to impose a total economic boycott on Egypt – representing a victory for the hardline opponents of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

Three Mile Island – Federal officials express hope that the worst is over in the nuclear crisis, but said the reactor’s fuel core appears so badly damaged it may have to be scrapped.

Tanzanian and Ugandan exile infantry storm into downtown Kampala as President Idi Amin’s Libyan soldiers abandon defense of the Ugandan capital and fled to the countryside.

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto is executed. He had been convicted of conspiracy to commit murder by allegedly ordering the assassination of a political opponent in 1974. 

France - Saboteurs slip into a factory on the French Mediterranean coast and blew-up millions of dollars worth of nuclear equipment, including key parts of two research reactors being completed or Iraq.

Jane Byrne is elected mayor of Chicago.  

Rosalynn Carter declares she is “shocked” by high food prices and said the White House plans to announce a program to help consumers find better buys and assist the government in monitoring compliance with price guidelines.

The Alaska pipeline is running smoothly. It began pumping oil on June 20, 1977 at Prudhoe Bay – some 800 miles south to a tanker terminal at Valdez. The line is delivering 1.2 million barrels a day.

Wholesale prices, led by food and gasoline, surged 1% during March and reached the highest rate level in more than four years.

Oh Boy – A Soviet scientist says a recent expedition west of Gibraltar may have found the lost continent of Atlantis, right where Greek philosopher Plato predicted it would turn up.

Airliner rolled twice - The pilot of the Boeing 727 that landed safely after flirting with disaster said the plane rolled over twice, not once, before its dramatic five-mile supersonic drive. The airliner, en-route from New York to Minneapolis, began to vibrate, yawed to the right, did two barrel rolls, nosedived and was finally brought under control after a 60-degree, 29,000-foot descent at 625mph.

Twenty members of the Ku Klux Klan in Alabama including a Klan leader and a policeman are indicted by a federal grand jury on charges stemming from shootings into the homes of NAACP leaders and racially mixed couples.

President Carter plans to name a presidential commission to investigate the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant and make a full report to the American people.

The nation’s unemployment rate holds at 5.7%.

President Carter’s nephew, Willie Carter Spann, is married in the California state prison where he is serving time for armed robbery.

Gets Married – Heiress Patricia Hearst – to Bernard Shaw.


Fascinating Business news – April 1, 1979

General Motors unveils the new “Citation,” – the first of new shorter, lighter, sleeker X-Cars.


Sports news – April 1, 1979

Andy Spiva - An Atlanta Falcons linebacker dies of injuries suffered when he and another player, Garth Ten Napel, were involved in an auto accident in suburban Sandy Springs.

Passing – Carroll Rosenbloom (71) – owner of the Los Angeles Rams.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – April 1, 1979

Headed to Liberia - Gov. Brown of California and frequent companion Linda Ronstadt book a flight to Africa for a 10-day vacation.

Robin Williams of Mork and Mindy will have his club shows in New York and San Francisco recorded for Casablanca. Label president Neil Bogart will serve as co-producer.


Playing in Las Vegas –

Gladys Knight and the Pips – Aladdin

Andy Williams – Caesars Palace

Dionne Warwick – Desert Inn

Debbie Reynolds – Frontier

John Davidson and Doug Henning – Hilton

Mac Davis – MGM Grand

Tony Orlando and Rita Moreno – Riviera

Jerry Lewis – Sahara

Shecky Greene - Sands


Music news – April 1, 1979

Drummer John Hartman and guitarist Jeff Baxter leave the Doobie Brothers. Hartman wants to study veterinary medicine and raise horses and Baxter will do session work.

Rickie Lee Jones performs on “Saturday Night Live” this week. Hosted by Richard Benjamin.   


Television news – April 1, 1979

NBC cancels “Weekend” and will replace it with a new primetime news magazine to be hosted by Tom Snyder.

Phil Donahue will become a regular contributor to NBC’s “Today” show next month, utilizing the same interview format he uses on his syndicated program. His “Donahue” show will continue. 

Passing – Edgar Buchanan – best known as “Uncle Joe” on “Petticoat Junction.” He was 76.

New Show – “Doctor’s Private Lives” on ABC-TV. Stars John Gavin, Ed Nelson and Randolph Powell.


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – April 1, 1979

CBS – The Lin, the Witch and The Wardrobe, MASH, WKRP In Cincinnati, Lou Grant

NBC – Little House on the Prairie, Jesus of Nazareth, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – Salvage1, How the West Was Won

PBS – Bill Moyer’s Journal, The Scarlet Letter (Debut)


WKRP – An advertising campaign leads to a conclusion that Venus Flytrap is a fugitive from justice – or is he?


Top movies – April 1, 1979

Buck Rogers

Coming Home

A Perfect Couple

The China Syndrome

The Champ

Same Time, Next year


The 5th Musketeer

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