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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of March 24, 1979 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

In Washington – With President Carter - President Anwar Sadat and Prime Minister Menachem Begin sign an Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty that pledges to end to a generation of war between the two nations. Later, both propose that President Carter receive the 1979 Nobel peace Prize for his efforts.

Tanzanian forces seize the outskirts of Uganda’s capital, Kampala and a rebel government-in-exile says President Idi Amin has fled the city to make a last stand in northern Uganda.

OPEC agrees to raise the price for crude oil by 9% and will allow members to add surcharges.

Inflation - Led by food, fuel and housing – prices climbed by 1.2% in February.

China charges that Congress violated the Sino-U.S. recognition agreement by tentatively approving legislation that the Nationalist Chinese regime on Taiwan is a sovereign government.

Arco says it will develop a second major oil field on Alaska’s north slope.

A bomb inside a suitcase about to be loaded onto a TWA Airlines flight to Los Angeles explodes – injuring four baggage handlers at Kennedy Airport. At about the same time, bombs were detonated at offices in two nearby New Jersey cities. An anti-Castro terrorist group claimed responsibility for all three explosions.

Big news in Britain as Prime Minister James Callaghan’s minority labor government is toppled by a single vote in the House of Commons, forcing a national election that could bring Britain its first female chief of government.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says that an accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant had allowed sufficient radiation to escape through the reactor building’s thick walls to be measured 16 miles away.

Gov. Richard Thorburgh advises all pregnant women and preschool children living within five miles of the disabled Three Mile Island nuclear power plant to leave the area. He’s also ordering 23 schools in the five-mile radius closed. 

Sen. Gary Hart (D-Colo.) head of the senate subcommittee on nuclear regulations currently investigating the Harrisburg radiation leak is on CBS’ “Face the Nation” this week. 

A bomb blast rips through an automobile outside the House of Commons and kills, Alrey Neave, the Conservative party’s parliamentary spokesman on Northern Ireland and right-hand man to Margaret Thatcher.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – March 24, 1979

Atlanta - Hustler magazine owner Larry Flynt is convicted on 11-misdemeanor obscenity counts and ordered to pay about $27,000 in fines. Flynt was indicted after he came to Atlanta in 1977 and personally sold copies of his sexually explicit magazines, Hustler and Chic.

Passing – Famed clown Emmett Kelly. He was 80.


Sports news – March 24, 1979

Former Cleveland Indian first baseman Luke Easter, one of the first blacks to break into major league baseball, is shot and killed by two men who robbed him of $40,000 outside a bank in suburban, Euclid, Ohio.

New air-filled plastic padding for the NFL? - At the National Football League convention – inventor Byron Donzis, who produced the urethane air-filled “flak jacket” which guarded Houston quarterback Dan Pastorini’s ribs in the playoffs this winter – was showing off other air-filled equipment. The presentation included protection for a football player’s knees, thighs, hips shoulders, biceps, arms and even his head.

Women’s Winter Tour at Madison Square Garden - Martina Navratilova beats Tracy Austin to win $100,000.

NCAA final round -  Earvin Johnson leads Michigan State to a 101-67 win against the University of Pennsylvania. So it’ll be Michigan State and Earvin Johnson against Indiana State with Larry Byrd as they edged De Paul 76-74!

Las Vegas – At the Hilton – Larry Homes retains his World Boxing Council heavyweight title – KO’ing Puerto Rican Osvaldo Ocasio in the seventh round.


Music news – March 24, 1979

On “Midnight Special” this Friday on NBC-TV – Linda Clifford hosts with the Village People, Peaches and Herb, Eddie Rabbit, The Jeff Kutash Dancers.

Elvis Presley left an estate of more than $15 million – but after taxes and funeral – it’s $7,661,354. His 14-acre Memphis Graceland Mansion estate was valued at $556,920 and a house in Palm Springs was valued at $364,500.


Thursday night television listings/programs/TV guide – March 24, 1979

CBS – (debut) The Chisholms, Barnaby Jones

NBC – Harris and Company, Quincy, Mrs Columbo, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – Mork and Mindy, Angie, Barney Miller, Carter Country, ABC News Closeup

PBS – Nova


The Chisholms – Four part mini-series about a closely knit pioneer family’s hazardous trek from their Virginia home. Stars Robert Preston and Rosemary Harris. 

On the Tonight Show – Roy Clark, Charlie Callas and Erma Bombeck join Johnny Carson.

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