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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of December 1, 1978 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

About 150 Hasidic Jews, angry over the slaying of a member of their community and demanding more police protection, invade a Brooklyn police station, destroying equipment and brawling with outnumbered policemen. At least 62 policemen are injured.

Inflation – wholesale prices leaped by .8% in November – as the cost of gasoline, tires and alcoholic beverages posted big increases.

A boat packed with Vietnamese refugees sinks in rough seas after being denied permission to land in Malaysia, drowning 143.

Supervisor Diane Feinstein is chosen as San Francisco’s 38th mayor – and first woman chief executive. She fills the unexpired term of the slain George Moscone.

At Oxford – Richard Nixon said, “I screwed it up and I paid the price” for Watergate, but he asked to be judged on more than the scandal alone.

Officials at the National Archives say a fire broke out in the film storage building, and destroyed old newsreels that brought American moviegoers news of the Great Depression and WWII. The newsreels covered the years 1929 through 1951. A spokesman said the film reels were being duplicated but that some 27 million feet of film that burned had not been duplicated.

President Carter applies permanent U.S. protection to a huge part of Alaska by proclaiming 56 million acres of federal land national monuments.

A series of tornadoes strike northwest Louisiana and southern Arkansas, killing four and injuring 250.

A nationwide poll conducted among 21,000 junior and senior high school students – most of the nation’s teen scholastic leaders are involved in religion, feel sex is linked with marriage and have not smoke pot.

At 10,000 feet - 21 persons, including a baby, are rescued from the tangled wreckage of a plane high in the storm-swept Rockies after passengers stuffed a wedding-dress into a hole in the fuselage to ward off the cold. It took 15 hours for rescuers to get to the plane. 


Christmas Bad Toys – December 1, 1978

A consumer group gives its Christmas toy ‘booby prize of the year” award to what it called a new low in technology – a doll designed to develop diaper rash – “Baby Wet-n-Care.” The group also didn’t think much of “Alvin the Aardvark,” “Tobor” the robot of “Mr. Quarterback’ – a spring-loaded device that hurls a plastic football across the room and comes equipped with four pages of warnings.


Sports news – December 1, 1978

Pete Rose, a star with Cincinnati for 16 years, is going to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Fran Tarkenton defeats the Eagles and the odds set down by the computer to keep the Minnesota Vikings in the thick of the NFL playoff picture – 28-27.


Music news – December 1, 1978

For Christmas - KISS – The Rock Group Dolls! From Remco!

Look out – Getting a lot of talk is a group called “The Knack” and according to vocalist/guitarist Doug Feiger they’ve got 13 record companies knocking at their door. They recently made a big splash at Hollywood’s Troubadour – where Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen watched them play.


Television news – December 1, 1978

Valerie Harper says there will be no more “Rhoda” and that the last show has been shot. And “no” – Brenda doesn’t get married.


Thursday night television listings/programs/TV guide – December 1, 1978

CBS – The Waltons, A Country Christmas, Salute to Jimmy Stewart

NBC – Project UFO, Quincy, Man Undercover, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – Benji’s Very Own Christmas Story, Pink Panther’s Christmas, Barney Miller, Soap, Family


A Country Christmas – Lynn Anderson, Roy Clark, Loretta Lynn, Oak Ridge Boys, Minnie Pearl, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Jim Stafford, Dennis Weaver. 

On the Tonight Show – George Carlin is guest host.


Some Top/Popular movies – December 1, 1978

Message from Outer Space

Paradise Alley

Big Fix

The Wild Geese

National Lampoon’s Animal House


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