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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 1, 1978 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Sadat and Begin join President Carter at Camp David for crucial talks on peace in the Middle East.  In arriving – Egyptian President Anwar Sadat declared, “Together, we shall overcome.”

American businessman Francis Crawford pleads innocent to Soviet charges that he was part of a large-scale “business and profiteering” scheme in which three Russians illegally sold contraband goods and currency to foreigners at huge profits. The three Russians pleaded guilty to charges against them.

President Carter may replace his voluntary anti-inflation program with real sanctions. Clearly – a stronger program is needed.

The nation’s unemployment rate declines to 5.9% in August from 6.2% in July.

Pope John Paul I is formally installed in a 2 ½-hour ceremony in St. Peter’s Square.

Nicaragua - The government cracks down on the opposition to President Anastasio  Somoza and arrests more than 200 people.

Surprise plea - William and Emily Harris – “soldiers” of the Symbionese Liberation Army, plead guilty to kidnapping newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst.

A planned Labor Day “swim-in” in the Potomac River to celebrate the cleanup of the waterway was canceled by organizers after police said the river is hazardous to bathers because of strong currents and debris.


Music news – September 1, 1978

He’s been out of it for a few years – but Elton John will release his next album in October.

Music On Television - Another John Denver special this week – on ABC-TV. “John Denver In Alaska – The American Child.”

David Soul – of “Starsky and Hutch” (David Solberg) – says people have him backwards. He thinks of himself as a singer first. “I’m a singer moonlighting as an actor. I wish I didn’t have to do so man things at once. I’m dissipating myself. One of the problems with my music career is that I can’t give myself 100% to it. I’m learning more and more toward music now.” Soul needs some help. His second album, “Playing to an Audience of One” bombed.


Television news –September 1, 1978

 On “Little House on the Prairie” – Mary goes blind. 

Jerry Lewis Telethon This Week In 1978. Look for Ed McMahon as anchor. Talent includes Tony Bennett, Vikki Carr, Ray Charles, Sammy Davis Jr., Chad Everett, Mike Douglas, Lou Rawls, Buddy Rich, Doc Severinson, Smothers Brothers, Sarah Vaughn, Dionne Warwick.


Top movies- September 1, 1978

Heaven Can Wait

Foul Play

National Lampoons Animal House

Ode to Billy Joe

Thank God It’s Friday

Revenge of the Pink Panther


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Breaker, Breaker

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