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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 23, 1978 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

President Carter will cut short his vacation in Wyoming to try to salvage his natural gas compromise and work on Civil service reform.

Vice President Mondale says that President Carter will try to “prod and urge” the leaders of Egypt and Israel toward peace, but won’t offer a U.S. plan at the coming Camp David summit.

President Anastasto Somoza of Nicaragua, beset by guerrilla attacks, a national strike and demonstrations, vows that he will not resign.

Cuba offers to release hundreds of political prisoners to the United States and U.S. officials have agreed to consider admission for the first 48 applicants.

Several major banks raise their prime lending rate from 9% to 9 ¼%.

Despite the women’s movement there has not been a dramatic increase in the number of young women planning to pursue careers in science, according to a sampling survey among high school teachers and students involved in the Science talent search.

Cardinal Albino Luciani is elected the 263rd supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, He is 65.

New pope – (benediction) Pope John Paul I outlines his policies and charms a crowd of more than 100,000 gathered in St. Peter’s Square. He promised to follow the reforms of John and Paul.

Jeremy Norton (7) – a child who was injured and orphaned in a fiery Pinto car crash, will receive $600,000 from For Motor Co. in a compromise settlement. 

In Pennsylvania – A transsexual art teacher who as a man, wore unisex clothing and makeup to prepare his pupils for his sex-change operation, is fired by the suburban Chester-Upland School district. Jenell Ashlie was hired by the district more than two years ago as a substitute. She later became a full time teacher and legally changed her name from Keith Komarnicki to Jenell Ashlie after the August 4 operation. 


Medical/Health news – August 23, 1978

(Chicago) Two doctors – Roger Tukington and Howard Weindling maintain that many physicians are so confused over who is and who is not a diabetic that a new definition of the disease is needed along with better tests to detect it.

For more than three months, Joseto Bueno examined patients, studied medical records and chatted regularly with nurses, technicians and physicians at St. Francis Hospital and Methodist Medical Center in Peoria. The only problem is that Bueno is an 18-year-old busboy.


Sports news – August 23, 1978

Mario Andretti wins the Dutch Grand Prix and closed in on the 1978 Formula One world championship with only three races left.

Striking umpires in the National and American Leagues return to work quickly under a federal court injunction. 


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – August 23, 1978

Actor Robert Shaw (51), known for his portrayals in such movies as “Jaws” and “The Deep” dies of an apparent heart attack.

Passing – Charles Boyer – the suave French-born actor. He was 79.

Joan Crawford’s adopted daughter Christina is about to release a book describing her mom’s wild outbursts and beatings. Look for “Mommie Dearest” in November.


Music news – August 23, 1978

Stan Kenton (66) disbands his orchestra and the members have dispersed for an indefinite period. The band played its last date last week. Kenton suffered a fall in May of 1977 that necessitated extensive brain surgery. After seven months’ absence, he returned last January.

Passing – Band leader Louis Prima (66).

Reunion in front of 1500 - The Allman Brothers Band, which split up 1976 after singe Gregg Allman testified against the group’s road manger in a drug trial is reunited at the seventh annual picnic held by Capricorn Records. Signs of past tension persisted when some members walked off the stage when Gregg appeared, but they soon returned.


Television news – August 23, 1978

Harry Reasoner will be returning to “60 Minutes”. He’ll be seen, beginning late this year, on a rotating basis with Mike Wallace, Dan Rather and Morley Safer.

Television’s most prolific producer may be Glen Larson, who is about to launch another TV show,  “Battlestar Galactica.” He’s also the executive producer of “Quincy” and “The Hardy Boys,” and produced “Switch” and “McCloud” over its long run. Larson was also one of the “Four Preps” last decade and wrote four the group’s hits.

NBC says it’s canning “Saturday Night At The Movies” after 17 years.


Thursday night television listings/programs/TV guide – August 23, 1978

CBS – Is Anyone Out There Learning? (Special), Hawaii Five-O, Barnaby Jones

NBC – ChiPs, Richie Brockelman, Private Eye, Operation: Runaway, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – Welcome Back Kotter, What’s Happening, Barney Miller, Made for TV Movie

PBS – An Evening With Chuck Mangione


ABC Made for TV Movie – “Vegas” stars Robert Urich as a Las Vegas detective.

Richie Brockelman Private Eye – Richie tries to clear his brother of embezzlement. 

On the Tonight Show – Robert Klein guest hosts with the Hudson Brothers.

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