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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of June 24, 1978 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The United States Supreme Court orders Allan Bakke admitted to the University of California’s medical school, saying the school’s admissions program illegally discriminated against whites.

The Senate rejects a proposal to deny former President Richard Nixon $251,626 in annual government pensions and office expenses.

Vice President Mondale arrives in Israel to meet with Israeli leaders and participate in celebrations marking that country’s 30th anniversary.

Israel rejects “without reservation” an Egyptian proposal calling for Israel to turn over the occupied West bank to Jordan and the Gaza Strip to Egypt as a preliminary move toward a Mideast peace.

The House votes to prohibit Amtrak from dropping any passenger trains before Oct. 1, 1979 and to authorize $768.25 million for the corporation over the next fiscal year.

The Senate votes to block President Carter from imposing an import fee on foreign oil despite claims by administration supporters that it would tie his hands at next month’s economic summit in West Germany.

The Supreme Court rules that federal officials do not have absolute immunity from suites charging they violated individuals’ constitutional rights.

Get Married  – Princess Caroline of Monaco to Phillippe Junot. Interesting story – Gregory Peck and Cary Grant ran into each other as the actor’s automobiles collided as they arrived for a prenuptial dinner for Princess Caroline and Phillippe Junot at David Niven’s Cape Ferrat home. Neither was hurt.  

Five men playing backgammon in the basement of a downtown Boston disco are shot to death in a gangland dispute over drugs. One of the victims was Jack Kelly, a former television investigative reporter for WNAC-TV.


Technology news – June 24, 1978

Trends – So far, about 2,175,000 microwave ovens have bee sold since they first came out in 1970.


Sports news – June 24, 1978

Before 7,000 fans – Argentina wins the 11th World Cup tournament, defeating Holland 3-1 in overtime.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – June 24, 1978

Priscilla Presley says she’s had enough of the stories detailing her marriage to and divorce from Elvis Presley, She’s signed with Henry Jafee Enterprises to do an hour TV special on her six years with Elvis. “I want the truth told about Elvis. There are stories being written about him which simply are not true.”

Goldie Hawn, who just completed her first movie in three years, is happy to be resuming her film career after a break to be a mom. Husband  - singer Bill Hudson and 2-year-old son Oliver come first.

Actor Bob Crane (49), star of “Hogan’s Heroes,” is found beaten to death in his Scottsdale apartment. Crane was found in bed. He had been starring in “Beginner’s Luck” at the Windmill dinner Theater nearby. He was hit at least twice with a heavy object and an electrical cord was found tied around his neck. He was found by Victoria Ann Berry, an actress who found the body about 2pm after he failed to appear at a luncheon.  He apparently was attacked while sleeping.    

Twiggy, the 1960’s British model is expecting he first baby at age 28.

Catch Movie Critic Gene Siskel In the Chicago Tribune.

Talkshow Host Mike Douglas Has A New Book Out – “My Story.”


Music news – June 24, 1978

Alice Coper continues to perform without the other “o” in his name and will continue to do so until the “Hollywod” sign on the big hill is fixed. 

Word has it that none of the nine members of Earth, Wind & Fire smokes, drinks or takes drugs. Most are vegetarians. Also, the group reportedly gathers to medicate and achieve “oneness of mind” before each concert.

Don’t Miss Neil Diamond In Concert At Chicago Statium – August 4.


Top movies – June 24, 1978

Cheap Detective


Jaws 2

Star Wars

Saturday Night Fever

Damien Omen Two

Blue Collar

Capricorn One

Goodbye Girl

Greek Tycoon

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