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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of October 15, 1974 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

Not happy – Boston Mayer Kevin White calls his city’s national guardsmen “inept, incompetent, ill-equipped, undisciplined and under trained.” It all has to do with the racial unrest in the Boston school integration conflict.

Watergate – Secret White House tapes from April 1973 reveal that Richard Nixon repeatedly tried to conceal his involvement in the affair.

President Ford says he “would be delighted” to make public any tape recordings of conversations between himself and Richard Nixon to prove that his pardon had not been made as the result of any deal.

G. Gordon Liddy, member of the Watergate break-in team, is released from jail on a sharply reduced $5,000 bond, after his attorneys promised a judge he would not flee the country.

Appearing on Capitol Hill, President Ford explains his pardon of Richard M. Nixon, declaring that there was neither a deal nor a secret understanding behind his sudden pardon. 

A spokesperson says the White House prefers “stagflation” to “recession” to describe the current state of the economy. But the problem is, The Commerce Department just announced that prices were increasing at a rate of 11.5% and that the nation’s output of goods and services was in its longest decline in 14 years – hardly stagflation, which economists describe as a period when economic growth is stagnant or declining, but prices fall.

A 2-year Ford Foundation study on energy needs recommends the Ford Administration should impose gasoline rationing immediately because present policies are grossly inadequate.


Fascinating Facts/news – October 15, 1974

McDonald’s opens its first location in Britain with the promotion, “United Tastes of America.” It’s located on the main business street of Woolwich in southeast London.

Quote from Women’s lib leader Gloria Steinem this week – “Marriage is something I would consider only out of severe depression. The surest way to be alone is to get married. Surveys show the happiest people are single women or married men.”


 Sports news – October 15, 1974

 The Oakland A’s defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers in 5 games to win the World Series. A’s owner Charles Finley says Alvin Dark can remain as manager of the World Champs, but does he want to? Afterall, Finley is described as an irrepressible manager and likes to manage the team himself.


Entertainment /Celebrity news – October 15, 1974

Richard Burton says he plans to marry his new love – Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia.

In New York - Raquel Welch walks out of a news conference after being asked if her sex-symbol movie image was too frivolous for her new role as chairman of the 1975 American Cancer Crusade. The question was from a reporter from a Newark, NJ newspaper. “That sort of questions explains why you’re still in Newark,” said the actress. She returned to the conference several minutes later.  


Playing in Las Vegas –

Steve Lawrence/Eydie Gorme – Caesars Palace

Bobby Gentry – Desert Inn

Connie Stevens – Frontier

Wayne Newton – Frontier

Shirely Jones/Jack Cassidy (separate showrooms) – Grand

Carpenters – Riviera

Jerry Lewis – Sahara

Robert Goulet – Sands

Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse – Thunderbird

Mitzi Gaynor - Tropicana


Thursday night television listings/programs/TV guide – October 15, 1974

CBS - The Waltons, Movie

NBC – Sierra, Ironside, Movin’ On, Tonight Show, Tomorrow

ABC – The Odd Couple, Paper Moon, Streets of San Francisco, Harry O, Wide World Special: Dick Cavett

PBS – The Way It Was


The Waltons – Ellen purchases a used purse and finds it contains a valuable antique ring.

Harry O – A blind teenager assists Harry in a gangland murder investigation.

Tonight Show – Robert Blake, Flip Wilson, Buck Henry and Lee Horwin join Johnny. 


Music news – October 15, 1974

Appearing on the syndicated Don Kirchner’s Rock Concert this week – The Rolling Stones, Waylon Jennings and Kool And The Gang. The Stones are taking this opportunity to sing four songs from their new album “It’s Only Rock and Roll.” 

Mary J. Woodson (29) of Madison, NJ is found shot-to-death in the Tennessee home of pop singer Al Green after she reportedly dumped a pan of hot grits on him while he was taking a bath. Police say the shooting was an apparent suicide. After she did the deed, she went downstairs and shots were heard, according to police. They say they found a three-page suicide note in the victim’s purse addressed to Mr. Al Green.

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