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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of October 17, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

Henry Kissinger departs from Paris to Saigon after a day of secret talks. A sudden turn in the Paris peace talks has been indicated.

Innermost secrets learned - A yearlong investigation – the most massive ever conducted in organized crime, has just been concluded by the Brooklyn district attorney. An electronic bug was planted in a secret mafia headquarters. 1.6 million feet of tape and tens of thousands of still and motion pictures were made of mobsters entering the hideaway.  

The U.S. and Soviet Union sign trade and financial agreements settling Russia’s $11 billion WWIII lending-lease debit and opening the way for trade between the two nations over the next several years.  The Nixon Administration hailed the pacts as a beginning of a new era in Soviet-American economic relations and improving the climate for political cooperation. 

In his first interview granted since his July 1 resignation as President Nixon’s campaign director, John Mitchell again firmly denies any prior knowledge of or role in the break-in and bugging of Democratic National Committee headquarters at Watergate.

Sen. George S. McGovern, in a paid nationwide political telecast told viewers that the Nixon Administration’s economic policies have been “right for the few and wrong for you.”

Describing Congress as a “self-perpetuating mess,” consumer advocate Ralph Nader make public written profiles of 481 members of the House and senate that he said he hoped would remove some of the mystery that surrounds the legislative branch of government. The profiles represent the second of three phases of the Nader organization’s year-long study of how Congress works, a study Nader says is aimed at reform.

President Nixon tells Vietnam veterans they “stand just as tall as their fathers who fought at Normandy, Iwo Jima, and Inchon and that the United States would not make a mockery of their sacrifice by surrender now.”

At another rally – President Nixon pledges to end the Vietnam war “with honor and not surrender,” to keep the United States “second to none” in military strength and to provide “full prosperity and full employment without war” in his second term.

Vice President Agnew appears…. At a rock concert in Chicago. Agnew’s introduction at the Arie Crown Theater, was a personalized campaign song delivered by Frank Sinatra – “The Gentleman is a Champ” (t/o of “the Lady is a Tramp”). On the bill, names such as Frigid Pink and the Mob.  

Door-to-door sales – The Federal Trade Commission will require these type of salesman to give customers a three day cooling-of period during which they may chose to cancel the sale without penalty or fee. The new rule applies only to door-to door sale costing $25 or more.


Political talk –

Sen. George McGovern appears on ABC-TV’s “Issues and Answers.” Running mate Sgt. Shriver appears on CBS-TV’s “Face the Nation.”


Entertainment/Celebrity news – Octobe 17, 1972

Passing – Leo G. Carroll (85) – British-born actor best known  as “Topper” and Mr. Waverly in the two 1960’s “UNCLE” series.  

Sandy Duncan is granted a divorce from actor Scott Zahariades, her husband of three years.


Music news – October 17, 1972

Jim Croce is getting known around the music circles. His most popular song - “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” is about a pool hustler in a bar who had a way of making up sayings about how tough he was. Croce spends most of his time in Lyndell, PA, just south of Lancaster. He lives with his wife, Ingrid and their new son, Adrian in a home dating back before the American Revolution.

Rick Nelson says he is encouraged by the response to “Garden Party” and the recent reaction he and his group – the stone Canyon Band – have been receiving at colleges. “We’re playing to a whole new generation of people who have never even seen the old television show and they are applauding for the new songs as well as ‘Mary Lou.’ That’s what really excites me.”

The Jackson 5 will star in their own special “The Jackson 5 Show,” on CBS November 5. Guesting will be Arte Johnson and Johnny Brown.

EMI Records says the Beatles have sold the equivalent of 545 million records. EMI says the Beatles’ top selling album is “Abbey Road” at 7.6 million, followed by Sgt Pepper at 6.3 million. Top Beatles single – is “Hey Jude” at 7.5 million. Most recorded Lennon-McCartney song – “Yesterday” with 1,186 different versions. “Michelle” is second with 629 recorded versions.


Television news – October 17, 1972

Bryant Gumbel, editor of Black Sports magazine joins KNBC-TV Los Angeles as a reporter and weekend sports newscaster. 

Kate Jackson of the Rookies use to have a southern accent, but it’s now gone. “That was the most difficult thing I have ever attempted. It meant constant surveillance, checking myself all the time. Even now I make periodic recordings to be sure I am not slipping into old habits.”


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV guide – October 1972

CBS – 60 Minutes, Anna and the King, MASH, Sandy Duncan, New Dick Van Dyke Show, Mannix

NBC – Wonderful World of Disney, McMillan and Wife, Night Gallery, Tonight Show (repeat)

ABC – The FBI, Movie

PBS – The Just Generation, Masterpiece Theater, William F. Buckley


Anna and the King – The King orders a new invention – a bicycle from America. Stars Yul Brynner, Samantha Eggar.

Sandy Duncan - Sandy goes to trial with a couple of phonies who have her arrested on an assault charge.


Some top movies – October 17, 1972

The Godfather

Savage Messiah – Dorothy Tutin, Scott Anthony.

Bad Company – Jeff Bridges, Barry Brown

The Candidate – Robert Redford

The Emigrants – Max von Sydow, Liv Ullmann

Treasure Island – Orson Welles

Andy Warhol’s Heat

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