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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of October 1, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The Senate votes to cut the Social Security retirement age from 52 to 60 and to reduce from 60 to 55, the age at which widows can draw benefits.

Are North Vietnamese POW’s being treated better than they were even a few years ago? Some say yes and point to the release of American pilots several weeks ago.

China celebrates its 23rd anniversary, scorning the Soviet Union and praising Americans.

The Senate Armed Services Committee votes to strip General John Lavelle to two stars (from four) and to retire him as a major general for ordering over 20 unauthorized air strikes on North Vietnam earlier this year. He’ll receive the pay of a retired four-star general - $2,250 per month because he officially left the military for medical reasons.

The Senate votes to cut the Social Security retirement age from 62 to 60 and to reduce the age from which widows can draw benefits to 55 from 60.

A proposed full-scale congressional Investigation of the break-in a Democratic headquarters in the Watergate building is rejected by the House Banking Committee. Six Democrats joined the 14 committee Republicans in voting down the investigation. Rep Harry Reuss (D-Wisconsin) and Wright Patman (D-Texas) want to bring the matter up for voting again “They (the American people) won’t tolerate a President using his political party to raise funds for political espionage.”

Watergate bugging – U.S. dist. Judge John Sirica issues an order barring principals in the case from making any statements to the press. 

Democratic National Chairman Jean Westwood says new evidence makes it impossible for President Nixon and his reelection campaign staff to deny their implication in the Watergate bugging case. She told a news conference that testimony uncovered that Alfred Baldwin III, a former FBI agent and a key government witness in the case, delivered wiretap logs to Mr. Nixon’s campaign headquarters. She contends that the public is gradually shaking its apathy in the affair and was demanding to know the truth about what happened.  

Soviet Communist Party chief Leonid I. Breshnev plans an official visit to the U.S. next spring if President Nixon wins reelection. The trip would reciprocate Mr. Nixon’s visit to Moscow last May.

San Francisco – A Bart train car jumps the tracks, plunges down an embankment and injures five persons in the first accident of the newly opened rail system.

President Nixon promises to seek property tax relief for retired persons with small loans and pledged no tax increases if Congress doesn’t not enact big new spending programs.

Space agency officials in Houston disclose that a 179-year-old penny had been secreted aboard the Gemini 7 space flight by a flight surgeon in 1965 and sold last August by a coin dealer for $5000 and a $10,000 lot in the Bahamas. The coin was a 1793-penny, minted the first year the United States distributed pennies. It was placed in the Gemini 7 flight medial kit by Dr. Howard Minners, who made no profit from the coin. Astronauts Frank Borman and James Lovell did not know the coin was aboard during the 14-day Gemini 7 flight. The coin today is worth around $100,000.

A 31 year-old Brooklyn burlesque dancer is arrested for dancing in a downtown Cincinnati fountain, clad only in a G-string. About 20 police cruisers responded to the call. The woman was arrested for causing damage to the fountain. Police didn’t say what damaged she caused. 

Prompted by a petition from 200 people, the town of Commercial, New Jersey bands Halloween, legislating it out of existence. Said the Mayor - “Trick or treat is a lot different than when I was young.”

On Chappaquiddick Island, a 41 year-old man reaches shore after swimming for 12 hours after his boat sinks. The father reached shore, towing his three dead sons - all in life jackets. The children were only dead a few hours. A doctor said “the father apparently put preservers on the boys, tied them together and then tried to pull them ashore with a rope. But I understand that the boys kept slipping.


Prices at supermarket - October 1, 1972

At the mart - Sara Lee Coffee Cake - 12ox - .79... 12oz bottle of Scope mouthwash - .88...Lamb Chops - $1.58lb... Del Monte Catsup - 20oz - .29


Sports news – October 1, 1972

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the Milwaukee Bucks is cleared after being jailed in Denver for investigation of possession of marijuana. Teammate Lucius Allen was freed on bail. They were in a car stopped by Denver police not long after they played in an exhibition game against the Denver Rockets.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – October 1, 1972

Marries - Johnny Carson (47) to Joanna Holland, a long-time girlfriend. It’s his third marriage. Carson divorced second wife Joanne last year. Carson celebrates his 10th anniversary as host of the tonight show.

Neighbors in the St. John’s Wood district of London are complaining about Paul McCartney’s barking English sheep dog and her eight pups. McCartney commented, “They’re all mad around here. They’re a load of colonels. I don’t care what they say. Wife Linda added – “We’re going to start a zoo next.”

Barbara Hershey delivers a son by natural birth at her Laurel Canyon home. The father is David Carradine. The parents have lived together for three years, but reject the idea of marriage. His name is Free Carradine. 

Michelle Phillips, formerly of the group “The Mamas & The Papas” makes her film debut in “Dillinger.” 


Playing in Las Vegas –

Osmonds/Goldiggers – Caesars Palace

Bobbie Gentry – Desert Inn

George Gobel/Johnny Desmond – Fremont

Robert Goulet – Frontier

Sergio Mendes/Diahann Carroll – Hilton

Jimmy Dean – Landmark

Nancy Sinatra/Arte Johnson – Riviera

Johnny Mathis – Sahara

Phyllis Diller/Jerry Vale - Sands


Top TV shows – October 1, 1972

All In The Family is on top with a 32 rating and a 56 audience share. CBS wins with a 21.2, NBC – 19.3 and ABC – 16.1. Here are the top shows in order:

All In The Family

CBS Friday Movie (Valley of the Dolls)

Bridget Loves Bernie

Hawaii Five-O

Flip Wilson


Marcus Welby

NBC Monday Movie (With Six You Get Eggroll)

Sanford & Son



CBS Thursday movie (The Professionals)


Medical Center


McMillan & Wife

Mary Tyler Moore


Here’s Lucy

NBC Saturday movie (Thomas Crown Affair)


Television news – October 1, 1972

Olympic champ Mark Spitz has been signed by producer George Schlatter to guest on the New Bill Cosby Show.

Joe Garagiola announces he is leaving NBC’s Today show when his contract ends in December. Garagiola broke into broadcasting 1954 as a sports announcer for the St. Louis Cardinals, besides his baseball career. He’ll continue features for NBC radio’s “Monitor” and to host the gameshow “Sale of the Century."

Public television’s “French Chief” with Julia Child will remain on the air through March 1973, thanks to money from the Polaroid Corp, which underwrote the program for three years before deciding this spring it would be unable to do it again.

CBS television renews “Here’s Lucy” starring Lucille Ball and Gale Gordon for another year.

Johnny Carson celebrates his 10th anniversary on his Monday night show broadcast at 11:30p (eastern). Guests include Jack Benny, Sammy Davis Jr. Joey Bishop, Dean Martin, Dinah Shore, George Burns, Jerry Lewis, Don Rickles, Rowan & Martin & Gov Ronald Reagan.


Saturday night television listings/programs/TV guide – October 1, 1972

CBS – All In The Family, Bridget Loves Bernie, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart Show, Mission: Impossible

NBC – Emergency, Movie

ABC – Alias Smith and Jones, Streets of San Francisco, Sixth Sense


All In The Family – Gloria gives the family women’s lib overtones.

Mission: Impossible – Seeking to capture an undercover agent, the IMF convinces a syndicate crime leader that his late wife once had an affair with one of his rivals.

Sixth Sense – A girl is haunted by visions of a murder committed before she was born. Guest stars June Allyson, Tippy Walker, Nan Martin.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – October 1, 1972

 “Black & White” - Three Dog Night, “Saturday In The Park” - Chicago, “Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me” - Mac Davis, “Ben” - Michael Jackson, “Everybody Plays The Fool” - Main Ingredient, “Go All The Way” - The Raspberries, “Burning Love” - Elvis Presley, “Back Stabbers” - O’Jays, “Popcorn” - Hot Butter, “Use Me” - Bill Withers “My Ding a Ling” - Chuck Berry, “Nights In White Satin” - The Moody Blues, “Garden Party” - Rick Nelson.


Some top music albums – October 1, 1972

 “Never A Dull Moment” - Rod Stewart, “Chicago V” - Chicago, “Super Fly” - Curtis Mayfield, “Honky Chateau” - Elton John, “Big Bambu” – Cheech and Chong” - “Seven Separate Fools” - Three Dog Night” - “Trilogy” - “Emerson, Lake & Palmer, “Himself” - Gilbert O’ Sullivan.


Some top movies – October 1, 1972

Deliverance – Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds

Fritz the Cat

Slaughterhouse Five


Hickey & Boggs – Bill Cosby, Robert Culp

Clockwork Orange

Where Does It Hurt? – Peter Sellers

The Godfather

The Deadly Trap - Faye Dunaway, Frank Langella

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