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Dateline: Week Of April 1, 2003 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

U.S. and British troops battle Saddam Hussein’s republican guard along the banks of the Euphrates River.

U.S. forces in Iraq reach the edge of Baghdad after infantry troops punch through a division of Saddam Hussein’s Republican guard just south of the capital. Army pfc. Jessica Lynch – held prisoner for nine days is rescued among other soldiers who were missing from an ambushed supply convoy. Later, U.S. forces march on to downtown Baghdad.

U.S. Army Troops have captured one of Saddam Hussein’s presidential palaces. U.S. intelligence says that Hussein’s fall is imminent.

Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman, known as “dog” says he’s on the hunt for Andrew Luster – the great grandson of make-up celebrity Max Faxtor. Eighteen days after Luster snipped off an electronic monitoring bracelet and fled, jurors found him guilty on 86 counts for drugging and raping three women at his beach house.  


Technology News – April 1, 2003

PayPal is accused of violating the law when it facilitated online gambling payments last, so says a federal prosecutor.


Music news – April 1, 2003

Passing – Rusty Draper (98) – country pop singer of the 1950’s and ‘60’s.

Passing – Motown singer Edwin Starr (61) – of an apparent heart attack. 


Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – April 1, 2003

America Idol Tuesday – 19.80

American Idol Wednesday – 19.02

Survivor: Amazon Special – 16.67

Law and Order – 16.48

Law and Order: SVU – 15.80

Friends – 15.64

Fear Factor – 15.57

Everybody Loves Raymond – 15.05

Law and Order: Criminal Intent – 14.51

Wanda at Large – 14.31

Special - Celine in Las Vegas – 13.82

Scrubs – 13.56

60 Minutes – 13.18

60 Minutes II – 13.02

Will & Grace – 12.88

The Simpsons – 12.56

CSI: Miami – 12.41

King of Queens – 12.14

24 – 12.09

Yes, Dear – 11.90


Television news – April 1, 2003

NBC correspondent David Bloom – dies of an apparent pulmonary embolism. He was traveling with troops about 25 miles south of Baghdad when he collapsed. He was embedded with the U.s. Army’s 3rd Infantry division.

Peter Arnett s fired by NBC for an interview he gave to Iraqi state television and a correspondent for a rival network – Fox news ‘ Geraldo Rivera. He is known for his flaming antiwar comments.

 What a way to go – Paul Stojanovich (47) – the creator of “Cops” on Fox – is dead. How? He was standing on an exposed tree that jutted out over a dove/cliff in Oregon to get his picture taken by his fiancé. She said he slipped on the rain-slick root and fell 300 feet from the cliff into the ocean.

NBC announces plans for a new reality show for Donald Trump – a sort of business “Survivor.” The Apprentice” is scheduled to air next season. The show pits 20 candidates who will test their corporate survival skills by competing for a chance to earn a six-figure salary.

Viewers of Fox News and CNN back-off after surging in response to the start of the Iraq war. Viewership drops about 18% from the previous week.

A 24-hour television network focusing exclusively on college sports debuts April 7. It’s called the College Sports Television – CSTV. So far, Direct-TV has been signed to distribute the channel. Among others, CSTV will be home to all Notre Dame athletics other than football and men’s basketball. 


Top Movies – April 1, 2003

Phone Booth

What a Girl Wants

A Man Apart

Head of State

Bringing Down the House

The Core



Agent Cody Banks

Piglet’s Big Movie

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