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Dateline: Week Of October 8, In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music,  Tech News & Fascinating Facts 



In The News -

President Bush addresses the nation on TV and radio. He detailed Iraq’s progress in developing chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, the country’s links to terrorists and Hussein’s crimes against his people. 

Congress approves a measure to authorize the use of military force against Iraq. 

Washington-area sniper strikes again – the 10th in as many days. This time – a deadly one – Kenneth Bridges – founder of a self-help organization for African Americans.  The slaying occurred at a gas station. 

Indonesia - The FBI searches through the debris after Indonesia’s worst terrorist attack – the car bombing in a nightclub district. Over 180 were killed. 

 jerry falwell apologizes trivia timeline oct 2 2002 mrpopcultureJerry Falwell apologized for calling the prophet Muhammad a terrorist, saying he meant no disrespect to “any sincere, law abiding Muslim.” 

President Bush – addressing a political rally in Tennessee – left the door open for a peaceful resolution in Iraq. But vowed to pressure Iraqi President Saddam Hussein – by force, if necessary – to destroy his suspected weapons of mass destruction programs. 

Former President Jimmy Carter wins the Nobel peace Prize in recognition of his role in brokering Middle East peace while in office and his efforts since to diffuse conflicts. 

A federal court grants a temporary injunction ending the lockout that has bottled up West coast ports. 


Fascinating Facts – October 8, 2002 

For $8 – Qataris can buy a CD featuring that lovable Osama bin Laden as he talks about forceful action against the U.S. The CD is being hawked by a publishing company.  


Entertainment News – October 8, 2002

 Actress Terri Garr announces she has multiple sclerosis. She has had symptoms for 19 years


Music News – October 8, 2002

whitney houston sued breach of contract trivia timeline oct 2002 mrpopcultureWhitney Houston is sued by her father’s entertainment company - $100 million for breach of contract. 

Michael Jackson invites over 200 military personnel from a nearby Air Force base to his Neverland ranch in Santa Barbara.


Television News – October 8, 2002

On “Discovery” channel – “Monster Garage.” Watch Jesse James Turn Ordinary Cars Into Extraordinary Machines. 

On “Saturday Night Live” – Sarah Michelle Gellar and musical guest Faith Hill. 

NBC ousts Jonathan Wald – the “Today” show’s executive producer. The show is still beating “Good Morning America.” 

 A home fire takes the life of Teresa Graves, who appeared on “Get Christie Love” back in the 1970’s. 


Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – October 8, 2002

Friends – 28.93

CSI – 28.47

ER – 25.13

Everybody Loves Raymond – 21.96

Survivor:Thailand – 21.46

will and grace tv ratings nielson oct 8 2002 mrpopculture triviaWill & Grace – 20.64

CSI: Miami – 19.80

Law & Order – 19.12

Scrubs – 18.94

Still Standing – 18.06

Monday Night Football – 17.04

The West Wing – 16.70

Good Morning Miami – 16.04

Judging Amy – 15.74

Law & Order: SVU – 15.21

JAG – 14.81

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – 14.78

Without a Trace – 14.53

frasier tv ratings nielson oct 8 2002 trivia timeline mrpopcultureFrasier – 14.50

Yes, Dear – 14.43

60 Minutes – 14.14

King of Queens – 13.74

 My Wife and Kids – 13.72

The Practice – 13.55

The Guardian – 13.48

8 Simple Rules – 13.40

American Dreams – 13.24


Top Movies – October 8, 2002

Red Dragon

Sweet Home Alabama

The Tuxedo

My Big Fat Greek Wedding


Jonah – A Veggie Tales Movie

The Banger Sisters

The Four Feathers

Moonlight Mile

One Hour Photo

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