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Dateline: Week Of August 8, 2002 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, News, Tech & Fascinating Facts



In The News -

The Bush Administration issues new rules for medical patient’s privacy. Doctors, hospitals and HMO’s are now required to tell patients how their medical records are being used. 

Columbia’s new President – Alvaro Uribe, declares of state of emergency and enacts new taxes to pay for more police and soldiers. He’s determined to confront Colombia’s leftist rebels who have waged a campaign against the government for four decades. 

American Airlines unveils a major overhaul – cutting 7000 jobs and its flight schedule will be trimmed. Meanwhile rival US Airways files for bankruptcy protection this week, but flights will not be interrupted. 

Japan – Makiko Tanaka – a popular politician in Japan – resigns from her seat in the House of Representatives under a cloud of allegations she had misused state funds meant to pay an aide’s salary. She denies those charges. 

The International Monetary Fund agreed to its largest bailout ever (so far) and will lend Brazil $30 billion. 

disney stock eight year low trivia timeline aug 2002 mrpopcultureDisney stock falls to an eight-year low – $13.90. 


Technology News – August 8, 2002

The FCC gives TV set manufacturers until 2007 to equip sets with new digital tuners – that is, for new digital transmissions. 

WorldCom Inc says it’s accounting is worst that revealed. It has uncovered an additional $3.3 billion in faulty accounting dating to 1999. 


Sports News – August 8 – 2002

Barry Bonds hits his 600th home run!


Music News – August 8, 2002

Jermaine Fuller, the brother-in-law of Snoop Dogg was found dead in a barricaded apartment – 11 hours after wounding a Las Vegas police officer in a struggle on the street. 

Enrique Iglesias “Don’t Turn Off The Lights” tour! 

 Britney Spears says she’s taking off 6 months. 

springsteen appears on letterman twice in a week trivia timeline july 2002 mrpopcultureLast week - Bruce Springsteen appeared not one, but two nights on David Letterman’s CBS show. But the ratings say – that Leno clobbered Letterman.  

Why was Springsteen on TV? To promote his new album, “The Rising” which debuts at #1 on the national album charts. 

Continental Airlines Arena - Springsteen concert at the Meadowlands – opening his U.S. tour. With the E-Street Band!


Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – August 8, 2002

CSI – 14.14 million viewers

Dog Eat Dog – 12.65

60 Minutes – 12.19

american idol tv ratings nielson august 8 2002 trivia timeline mrpopcultureAmerican Idol on Tuesday – 12.15

Everybody Loves Raymond – 12.05

Law & Order – 11.33

Dateline NBC on Tuesday – 10.99

American Idol on Wednesday – 10.82 million viewers

48 Hours on Monday – 10.70

Becker – 10.68

Law & Order – Criminal Intent – 10.59


Television News – August 8, 2002

 “American Idol” is on Fox-TV twice per week. Fox-TV is up 4% in the ratings because of it. 

“The Anna Nicole Show” averaged 3.4 million viewers for show #2 – an 18% drop from its debut. On E! 

 simon fuller american-idol follow-up supergirl trivia aug 2002 mrpopcultureSimon Fuller  - producer of “American Idol” – is moving in on his show’s trend and will produce 13 episodes of “Supergirl.” Participants compete to become the ultimate American dream girl. Catch on it ABC-TV soon. 

NBC announces a two-year deal with DreamWorks to produce shows for the network. 




Top Movies – August 8, 2002



Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

Austin Powers in Goldmember

Blood Work

The Master of Disguise

Road to Perdltion

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Stuart Little 2

 Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat

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