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Dateline: Week Of April 1, 2002 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech & Fascinating Facts



In The News -

The Israeli army launches and continues their assault on Ramallah. Palestinian gunmen hill 10 compatriots accusing them of collaborating with the Jewish state. 

President Bush demands that Israel withdraw from the Palestinian cities in the West Bank, “without delay.” Meanwhile fighting continues in Ramallah and Secretary of State Colin Powell is headed to the area.   

joe arpaio won't run for govenor march 2002 timeline mrpopcultureIn Arizona – Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio – the nation’s toughest sheriff who put inmates in tents and pink underwear – ends weeks of speculation by saying he won’t run for governor. He says he wants to remain sheriff. 

Oil futures close above $42.7 – a 6 month high! 

Walt-Mart Stores becomes the #1 business and tops Fortune magazine annual 500 list. Exxon-Mobil is second. General Motors is third.   

Sports News - April 1, 2002

March Madness ENDS - NCAA Men’s Basketball – Maryland 64 Indiana 52! The champs!


Technology News – April 1, 2002 – 

WorldCom – that nation’s #2 long distance company is laying-off 3,700 at its Internet side. 


Entertainment News – April 1, 2002

seinfeld building garage news timeline march 2002 mrpopcultureJerry Seinfeld is building a garage on Manhattan’s upper west side on 83rd street – to house his prized car collection.


 Music News – April 1, 2002

Don’t miss Britney Spears’ “Dream Within A Dream” tour. 

Dr. Dre says he no longer wants to act. This third album, “Detox,” he says will be a hip-hop musical – but Dre says he prefers to be behind the scenes. 

Dead - Alton McDonald – former associate of Marion “Suge” Knight is gunned down at a Compton (Los Angeles) gas station.


Television News – April 1, 2002

“The Andy Dick Show” is back on MTV this week for new shows. 

bryant gumbel leaving cbs march 2002 timeline mrpopcultureBryant Gumbel is leaving CBS’s “The Early Show.” His contract is up next month and he wants to do something else. 

MSNBC confirms that it has hired retired daytime talk host Phil Donahue for a weeknight show.





Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – April 1, 2002

CSI – 25.24

NBC ER Nielson TV ratings april 1 2002 timeline mrpopcultureER – 24.82

Friends – 22.05

Everybody Loves Raymond – 22.01

Survivor: Marquesas – 20.54

Law & Order – 19.25

NCAA Basketball – 18.47

Yes, Dear – 17.07

The West Wing – 16.95

JAG – 15.85

Fear Factor – 15.76


 Top Movies – April 1, 2002

Panic Room

Ice Age

The Rookie

Blade II


E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

Death to Smoochy

A Beautiful Man

We Were Soldiers


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