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Dateline: Week Of January 22, 2002 In News, Pop,Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, News & Fascinating Facts



In The News -

dick cheney enron situation jan 22 2002 mrpopcultureVice President Dick Cheney defends the administration’s handling of the collapse of Enron Corp, saying the White House has handled the Enron case properly. 

President Bush says he is “very, very disappointed” in Yasser Arafat and declares that he does indeed, foster terror. 

On the road – Former President Clinton will be hitting the road more – all to raise money for Democrats! 

Donald Rumsfeld denies that Al Qaeda suspects are being treated inhumanely at a makeshift military prison in Cuba. 

Kenneth Lay is ousted as chairman and chief executive of Enron Corp. 

President Bush said he would seek $10.7 billion in new funds to bolster security along America’s borers and its shorelines. 

Secretary of State Colin Powell asks President Bush to ensure that international rules of war govern the treatment of 460 suspected Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters who were captured in Afghanistan. 

enron baxter dead timeline jan 22 2002 mrpopcultureJ. Clifford Baxter, former vice chairman of Enron is found shot dead in his car, an apparent suicide. He was one of five high-ranking Enron executives identified in a whistle-blower’s letter as objecting to accounting maneuvers that pushed the company into bankruptcy. 

Senior Anderson accounting firm executives tell Congress that fired partner David Duncan destroyed (shredded) potentially revealing Enron documents to keep them away from federal prosecutors. 

Thomas Junta is sentenced from six to ten years in prison for beating another father – costing to death at a Boston ice rink. 

President Bush vowed to extend the terrorism campaign to Iraq, Iran and North Korea and called for expanded national volunteer service. 

The General Accounting Office – announces that it would sue the White House for refusing to reveal the inner workings of Vice President Dick Cheney’s energy task force. 

President Bush calls the Enron situation “a corporate government issue… not a political issue” and declares his administration had provided no help to the now bankrupt company. 

Noelle Bush, daughter of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush – is arrested as she tried to buy an anti-anxiety drug with a fake prescription. 

Passing – Astrid Lindgren – created Pippi Longstocking. She was 94. 


Business News – January 22, 2002

Jenny Craig Inc will be sold to an investment group for $115 million. 

Toys R Us says it will close 64 stores in the U.S. and cut 1,900 jobs.


Sports News – January 22, 2002 

mike tyson apologizes for brawl timeline jan 22 2002 mrpopcultureMike Tyson issues an apology for initiating a brawl that ended a news conference before it even started. Also this week – The Nevada State Athletic Commission rejects Mike Tyson’s depiction of himself as a victim and turns down his request for a boxing license. 


Technology News – January 22, 2002 

Gateway Inc – the nation’s fourth-largest computer maker – announces it will eliminate 2,250 jobs and close 19 stores and several offices. 

 Steve Wozniak has plans to create new wireless devices to help with a new company – Wheels of Deus – to help “everyday people track everyday things.” 

Amazon.com reports its first-ever profit in its seven year history! It cleared 45 million or 1 cent a share.  


Radio News – January 22, 2002

Rush Limbaugh says he was able to hear his show for the first time in three or four months.


Music News – January 22, 2002

MTV2 is on the road with something called $2 Bill – where they promote new and upcoming acts. Concerts are just that - $2. 

 Passing – Peggy Lee. She was 81. 

‘N Sync Celebrity Tour 2002.


Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – January 22, 2002  

Friends – 29.24

AFC Divisional Playoff – 28.72

ER – 26.14

csi nielson tv ratings jan 22 2002 timeline trivia mrpopcultureCSI – 24.07

Golden Globe Awards – 23.45

Law & Order – 21.47

Everybody Loves Raymond – 21.06

Will & Grace – 20.31

The West Wing – 19.05

JAG – 18.12

Becker – 17.65

Will &Grace – 17.60

Law & Order: SVU – 16.03

Just Shoot Me – 15.52

King of Queens – 14.84

Yes, Dear – 14.49

First Monday (Tuesday) – 14.49

Judging Amy – 14.36

Survivor: Back From Africa – 14.12

Frasier – 13.78

60 Minutes – 13.74

The President’s Man – 13.08

Crossing Jordan – 12.76

NYPD Blue – 12.49


Television News – January 22, 2002

Look for a new TV movie on Rudolph Giuliani! 

connie chung leaving abc for cnn trivia timeline jan 22 2002 mrpopcultureConnie Chung is leaving ABC and will join CNN. 

 “The Price Is Right” celebrates 30 years with a CBS Primetime special this week! 

Fox News Channel best CNN in the ratings – as the most watched cable news source – the first time ever. 

On “Friends” – Rachel movies Out! Oh Horrors! On NBC-TV. 

Actress Sally Struthers will appear on “General Hospital” for 10 episodes playing Luke Spencer’s ex-fiancé.


Tuesday night television listings – week of January 22, 2002

CBS – The Guardian, Judging Amy, Late Show

NBC – In Style Magazine: Celebrity Weddings II, Frasier, Scrubs, Dateline NBC, Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien

ABC – The Chair, NYPD Blue, Philly, Nightline

PBS – Nova, Secret Life of the Brain, Charlie Rose

Fox – That ‘70’s Show, Undeclared, 234

WB – Gilmore Girls, Smallville

UPN – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

MTV – Live like a Pop Star

Sci-Fi – Outer Limits, Movie


 Jay Leno – Kate Winslet.


Top Movies – January 22, 2002

Snow Dogs

Black Hawk Down

A Beautiful Mind

Orange County

Ocean’s Eleven

The Lord of the Rings

Gosford Park

The Royal Tenenbaums

Kate & Leopold

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