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Dateline: Week Of January 22, 2001 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech & Fascinating Facts 


In The News -

President Bush calls for an expanded effort across the country to teach reading and math and annual testing. 

President Bush moves to block government grants to international family planning groups that pay for abortions. 

An earthquake hits India and some 16,000 are feared dead. The quake measured at a 7.9. 

kenneth star end whitewater investigation january 2001 timeline mrpopcultureKenneth W. Starr, whose six-year investigation of former President Clinton ranged from Whitewater to Monica S. Lewinsky said that the deal sealed by Clinton last week was a fitting end to an “unfortunate era.” Clinton spared himself a possible indictment in the Lewinsky case by acknowledging for the first time that he had made false statements under oath about his relationship with the former White House intern. 

In New Hampshire – a planetarium is  named after Christa McAuliff – the school teacher who died on the shuttle Challenger. 

President Clinton last-minute pardon – Marc Rich – fugitive commodties trader. 

Former President Clinton took a tumble on the driveway in front of his Chappaqua home when his dog, Buddy tripped him up during a game of fetch. Ala

alan greenspan california electricity crisis january 2001 timeline mrpopculture

Alan Greenspan says that California’s electricity crisis is threatening to undermine America’s long expansion. (too bad it’s phony). 

Interesting – as Enron (who is playing a big part in the price manipulation and energy crisis in California) – reports fourth-quarter profit – surged 34% from a year earlier on soaring energy prices. 

President Bush sends legislation to Congress that would permit religious groups to receive federal funds for social services. 

Consumer confidence takes its steepest dive in more than a decade. The index of consumer confidence dropped more than 14 points in January to 114.4 – a signal that Americans are becoming increasingly edgy about their jobs, their incomes and their investments. 

Chrysler says it is cutting 26,000 jobs and closing 6 factories – about a fifth of its workforce. 


Technology News –January 22, 2001 

Amazon.com beat analysts’ fourth-quarter earnings but says it will cut 1,300 jobs or about 15% of its work force. 

With California’s energy crisis – with many stage 3 alerts – President Bush convenes a Cabinet level meeting to discuss the West’s power problems and other aspects of energy policy. 

AOL is getting aggressive as it tries to get into wireless with its AOL Mobile Communicator. It’s a two-way pager that allows users to trade e-mail and instant messages. Cost is $329 and a $19.5 monthly fee. 

Disney announces it is shutting down its go.com search engine. 

After a week of outages, blamed on human error and hacker attacks that blocked access to many of its Web sites, Microsoft Corp says its problems were solved.  

AMC Entertainment says it will close as many as 548 screens – about 80 of its 186 theaters. 

aol slashes jobs january 2001 trivia timeline mrpopcultureAOL Time Warner slashes more than 2,000 jobs. 

The Nasdaq pushes above 2800 for the first time.


Sports News – January 22, 2001

Passing – Al McGuire – popular basketball coach. He was 72. 

Ray Lewis is MVP of Super Bowl XXXV as the Baltimore Ravens beat the New York Giants 34-7. Five Raven players will be featured on Wheaties cereal boxes: - Michael McCrary, Shannon Sharpe, Qadry Ismail, Jonathan Ogden and Rod Woodson.  


Entertainment /Celebrity news – January 22, 2001

Spago restaurant in Hollywood is closing its doors on March 31. That’s the place where Wolfgang Puck is the chef. Puck opened the restaurant in 1982 and it became a hangout for Hollywood types.  

Passing – Sandy Baron – comedian, actor and talkshow host. He was 64. 

Passing – Dick Wittington – legendary Los Angeles radio personality. He was 87. 

Passing – Bob Braun – Best known for his radio and television work in Cincinnati. He was 71. 


Radio News – January 22, 2001

Infinity Broadcasting Corp. is suing to overturn a U.S. Copyright Office ruling that requires thousands of broadcasters using the Web to pay fees for playing music.


Music News – January 22, 2001

There seems to be debate/controversy about Eminem’s Grammy nominations – mainly because of his lyric content. 

Reggie artist “Shaggy” has the No. 2 album – unheard of for Reggie. 

Jennifer Lopez’ second album “J. Lo” is released this week. There’s talk of her and boyfriend Sean “Puffy” Combs having problems. It’s her second album – her first – “On the 6” sold 2.4 million copies.  

Britney Spears and Mary J. Blige will perform on the Super Bowl half-time show! 

celine dion gives birth january 2001 trivia mrpopcultureCeline Dion gives birth to a 6-pound, 8-oince baby boy. 

'N Sync, Brad Paisley and Destiny’s Child are set to perform on the Grammy Awards next month.


Television News – January 22, 2001

Thursday night – Saturday Night Live – special edition! 

On “Saturday Night Live” – Calista Flockhart and Ricky Martin.  

The Golden Globe Awards on NBC top the ratings with 22.49 million viewers. That was followed by “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” in positions 2,3, 4 & 6. 

In Connecticut – a 13-year-boy is in critical condition after imitating a “Jackass” stunt as seen on MTV – and set himself on fire.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – January 22, 2001

Super Bowl XXXV (CBS) – 84.34 million viewers

Super Bowl Postgame – 58.20

Survivor II – 45.37

who wants to be a millionaire tv ratings nielsen january 22, 2001 trivia timeline mrpopcultureWho Wants to be a Millionaire on Wednesday – 19.69

Friends – 18.80

Millionaire on Thursday – 18.63

Law & Order – 18.54

The West Wing – 18.02

Temptation Island – 16.83

Millionaire on Friday – 16.78

 Will & Grace – 16.59

ER – 16.04

Everybody Loves Raymond – 15.50

Law & Order: SVU – 15.23

NYPD Blue – 15.16

The Weber Show – 15.06

Primetime Thursday – 14.91

Just Shoot Me – 19.84

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – 14.14

Frasier – 13.79

ally mcbeal tv ratings nielsen january 22, 2001 trivia timeline mrpopcultureAlly McBeal – 13.77

Boston Public – 13.48

Drew Carey – 13.35

Three Sisters – 12.79



Monday night television listings/TV Guide – week of January 22, 2001

CBS – King of Queens, Yes Dear, Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Law, David Letterman, Craig Kilborn

NBC – Mysterious Ways, Dateline NBC, Third Watch, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien

ABC – Movie, Gideon’s Crossing Nightline, Politically Incorrect

PBS – Antiques Roadshow, Charlie Rose

WB – 7th Heaven, Roswell

Fox – Boston Public, Ally McBeal

UPN – Moesha, the Parkers, the Hughleys, Girlfriends

MTV – Total Request Video, Face Biters II


David Letterman – Alec Bladwin, Gil de Perran

Jay Leno – Jon Gruden and Sting.


Tuesday night television listings/TV Guide- week of January 22, 2001
CBS – JAG, 60 Minutes II, Judging Amy, David Letterman, Craig Kilborn

NBC – 3rd Rock, DAG, Frasier, Three Sisters, Dateline NBC, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien

ABC – The Mole, Dharma & Greg, Geena Davis NYPD Blue, Nightline, Politically Incorrect

PBS – Nova, Frontline, Charlie Rose

Fox -  That ‘70’s Show, Titus, Dark Angle

WB – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel

VH1 – Divas Live ’98, Behind the Music, Michael Jackson

HBO – Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, Dennis Miller Live


On David Letterman – Dolly Parton, William Petersen. 

On Jay Leno – Geena Davis, Steven Wright, Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby. 

william shatner on conan obrien nbc-tv show january 2001 trivia timeline mrpopcultureOn Conan O’Brien – William Shatner.


 Top Movies – January 22, 2001

Save the Last Dance


Cast Away


What Women Want

Finding Forrester

Miss Congeniality

Crouching Tiger

Hidden Dragon

Thirteen Days

The Pledge

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