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Dateline: Events/Week Of October 20, 1998 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

President Clinton cancels a trip to California for Middle East peace talks at Wye Plantation. Meanwhile, a terrorist attack by Hamas in Israel, sets talks back. 


President Clinton  names John Podesta as his Chief of staff. He replaces Erskine Bowles. 
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat sign a new Mideast agreement – giving Palestinians partial control of an additional 13% of the West Bank in return for security pledges. 
Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic withdraws hundreds of police, soldiers and heavy weapons from the battlefields of separatist Kosovo province as NATO’s latest deadline nears. 
America’s trade deficit hits an all-time high of $16.8 billion in August. 
Amherst, NY - Dr. Barnett Slepian – a prominent abortion practitioner is shot and killed while sitting in his kitchen. 
Anti-trust case – Microsoft portrays itself as a tough, but fair competitor in the Internet software race and said it got where its at by making better and easier-to-use products. 
High tech and futuristic - NASA’s “Deep Space 1” – a spacecraft that is equipped with an ion engine and can think for itself – blasts off from Cape Canaveral. 
Coca Beach - Some 300,000 spectators are expected to watch John Glenn blast-off in the Discovery space shuttle.  
Trend – seen more and more – product placement ads. 
The FDA approves Camptosar – a treatment that could help people with colon cancer live longer. 
President Clinton welcomes new Colombian President Andres Pastrana during a ceremony on the White House South lawn. Clinton hailed him as a leader “with the will and the courage for peace."
The space shuttle Discovery rockets into space from Cape Canaveral – but this one has a special person – legendary astronaut John Glenn (77) – and now, the oldest person ever to go into space. 
Despite a 23-year-old presidential ban on assassinations – the Clinton administration believes it has a legal right to use deadly force against terrorist leaders such as Osama bin laden – a legal right to use self-defense. 
President Clinton grants an election-eve interview to Tavis Smiley of BET. 

Business/Economy News – October 20, 1998

U.S. officials report that America’s economy expanded at a better-than-expected rate at a healthy 3.35% annual rate. 
Consumer confidence dips to a two-year low. 

Technology News – October 20, 1998

Amazon.com says its loss widened in the third quarter – losing $24.7 million – or 49 cents a share. It’s spending lots of money on advertising. 
E-Bay Inc, one of the few profitable Internet companies says its earnings climbed ninefold in the third quarter. 
Microsoft’s first-quarter operating profit jumped 58% to $1.53 billion or $56 cents a share. 

Sports News – October 20, 1998 

The Yankees sweep the San Diego Padres – to get their second American League playoff title in three years. 
Free agent Mike Piazza signs with the New York Mets – for $91 million and seven years. 

Music news – October 20, 1998

Gloria Estefan gets her first major movie role. Look for “50 Violins” starring Meryl Streep. 
On FOX-TV – don’t miss “KISS Live: the Ultimate Halloween Party” as Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss perform from Dodger Stadium. 

Top Pop Music Hits(top-40) – October 20, 1998 

How Deep Is Your Love- Dru Hill
Westside – TQ
Touch It – Monifah
First Night – Monica
My Little Secret – Xscape
Come & Get With Me – Keith Sweat
It’s All Because Of You – 98 Degrees
Pushin’ Weight – Ice Cube
I Still Love You – Next

Television news – October 20, 1998 

On “Saturday Night Live” – Ben Stiller hosts with music guest Alanis Morisette. 

Sunday night television listings/TV guide – week of October 20, 1998 

CBS – 60 Minutes, Touched by an Angel, Movie
NBC – Blacks and Blue, Dateline NBC,  Movie
ABC – Movie, 20/20, The Practice
Fox – Married with Children, The Simpsons, X-Files
MTV – Road Rules Celebrity Deathmatch, Loveline
VH-1 – Pop Up Fashion Awards, Behind the Music
PBS – Nature, Masterpiece Theatre
WB – 7th Heaven, Sister, Sister, Unhappily Ever After
NBC Movie – “Thirst” (1998) – Adam Arkin, Joely Fisher.
Radio news – October 20, 1998
 Art Bell – who does a national overnight show – returns to the air – two weeks after he abruptly signed-off. He then cited a “threatening terrible event” – but gave no clues upon his return. 

Entertainment news – October 20, 1998

A polo pony that stumbled throws actor Tommy Lee Jones over its head and then stepped on him. Jones said he was a little soar. 

Television news – October 20, 1998 

On “Saturday Night Live” – John Travolta hosts with Neve Campbell. 
Don’t miss “Penn & Teller’s Sin City Spectacular” on FX.
William Shatner hosts AMC’s “Halloween special “Hollywood Ghost Stories” about hauntings in Hollywood. 
The Fox Family Channel announces two new companion networks – The Boyz channel and The Girlz Channel. 

Wednesday night television listings/TV guide – October 20, 1998 

CBS – The Nanny, Maggie Winters, To have & To Hold, Chicago Hope, Dave Letterman
NBC – Dateline NBC, 3rd Rock From the Sun, NewsRadio, Law & Order, Jay Leno
ABC – Dharma & Greg, two Guys, drew Carey, Secret Lives of Man, 20./20, Nightline
Fox – Beverly Hills 90210, Party of Five
WB – Dawson’s Creek, Charmed
Pax – Touched by an Angel, Dr Quinn, Diagnosis Murder, Father Dowling
PBS – John Glenn, American Hero, Charlie Rose
MTV – R.E.M. Concert, True Life
On Dave Letterman – Phil Collins, Daniel Baldwin.
On Charlie Rose – Phil Collins.

Top movies – October 20, 1998 

Practical Magic
Bride of Chucky
Rush Hour
What Dreams May Come
Apt Pupil
A Night at the Roxbury
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