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Dateline: Events/Week Of September 15, 1998 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

In a news conference - President Clinton argues that he still has the moral authority and popular support necessary to stay in office. “I’m determined to lead this country and to focus on the issues that are before us.”

President Clinton’s taped Monica Lewinksy taped Grand Jury testimony is now available to the public. Clinton can be heard giving extensive and emotional explanations of his affair.

Serbian security forces shell an ethnic Albanian rebel stronghold in northern Kosovo, spreading fighting to a peaceful area of the province and sending thousands of people fleeing.

Charles Kernaghan, National Labor Committee director accuses Liz Claiborne of buying clothes from Salvadoran sweatshops, who force employees to work as much as 92 hours a week The company says it will work with the Salvadoran contractor to correct any problems.

Political career ended – Geraldine Ferraro, loses New York’s Democratic senatorial primary to Brooklyn Rep Charles Schumer. “My campaign for U.S. Senate ends, and for any future elective office.”

Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) proposes that President Clinton end the nation’s “Political water torture” by answering questions before the House Judiciary Committee – which will decide whether to recommend impeachment to the full House of Representatives.

First time for public - President Clinton – on videotape – answers questions about his liaisons with ex-intern Monica Lewinsky – in a TV broadcast of the August 17 interrogation. Most believe it was a solid, positive performance.

The House approves a measure aimed at bringing as many as 142,000 additional skilled foreign workers into the United States over the next three years – a boon for the high-tech industry.

Iranian President Mohammad Khatami says that his country’s decade-long vendetta against Salman Rushdie, the author of “the Satanic Verses” is “completely finished.’

Lewinsky case - The White House and congressional Democrats express hope that the public’s dispassionate response to the president’s videotaped grand jury testimony will help stall any impeachment drive on Capitol Hill. His job approval rating rose after the testimony airing on TV.


Sports News – September 15, 1998

Baltimore Orioles’ Cal Ripken Jr. ends a consecutive game streak of 2,632. He finally walked into the boss’s office and asked for a day of.

Mark McGuire hits homer #64 before a packed crowd at Milwaukee’s County Stadium. Chicago Cubs’ Sammy Sosa is one behind at 63.

ESPN pulls off the air ads for the muscle-building supplement androstenedione. The sots for the supplement used by Mark McGuire were part of a new national advertising campaign by MetRx engineered Nutrition. 


Technology News – September 15, 1998

Microsoft’s legal fight with government antitrust enforcers is set to go on October 15. 

EBay Inc. raises $63 million in the first IPO offering to hit the market in four weeks. The San Jose-based company sold 3.5 million shares at $18 each. Before the first trading day ended, the stock was at $47.38.

Now in stores – DIVX DVD – the best way to watch movies at home.

Qualcomm unveils a digital wireless technology that allows users to access the Internet five times faster than today’s speediest dial-up modems.

Walt Disney Co. unveils the name of a new Internet hub called Go Network that it will introduce with Infoseek Corp. later this year in a bid to reach a larger online audience. The move follows Disney’s agreement in June to buy a 43% stake in Infoseek, which maintains the fourth-largest Internet search and directory service.


Entertainment news – September 15, 1998

Al Lewis (88) – best known as “Grandpa” on “The Munsters,” files suit to get listen on the ballot for governor of New York. He’s running as a Green Party candidate.

NBC Home Video offers 83 minutes of the late comedian Phil Hartman in a retrospective. Hartman’s final “Simpsons” guest voice appearance will air on September 27. Viewers know the character as Troy McClure.

Reba McEntire gets her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Passing – Dane Clark (85) – popular character actor.

Nicole Kidman gets good revues in her London stage debut – playing five characters in “The Blue Room.”


Music news – September 15, 1998

“Mechanical Animals” by Marilyn Manson – debuts at No. 1.

It’s hot and hotter – “Techno” music. Even Englbert Humperdinck has a new album – “The Dance Album” with his old hits with newly recorded techno tracks.


Television news – September 15, 1998

Leaving his troubles behind - Marv Alpert returns as a guest on Letterman’s “Late Show.” Alpert returned to anchor “National Finance SportsDesk” on the MSG network.

Did you see Showtime’s “Lolita?” If not, it’ll open in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles this week. The remake is actually from Europe and stars Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swain as Lolita.

The WB goes to five-nights-a-week. 

Passing – Actress Mary Frann – best known as Bob Newhart’s wife Joanna Loudon. She died in her sleep of heart failure.

NBC’s “Must See TV’ Thursday lineup kicks off a new season “Friends” – a new comedy called “Jesse” starring Christina Applegate, “Frasier” takes over for Seinfeld, “Veronica’s Closet” and “ER.”

Looks like “Everybody Loves Raymond” – never a ratings leader – is #1 as Monday night’s highest rated series. It’s followed by a new series on CBS – “King of Queens” which also did well in the ratings.

Saturday Night Live – kicks off its 24th season this week – with host Cameron Diaz and musical guest Smashing Pumpkins. Jimmy Fallon, Chris Parnell and Horatio Sanz join the cast.

On his late night CBS-TV show - Tom Snyder had to wing it – after guest Waylon Jennings left before he was to be interviewed. Snyder took telephone calls.

NewsRadio did a farewell episode to the one of its stars – the late Phil Hartman.

Wednesday night television listings/TV guide – week of September 15, 1998

CBS – The 32nd Annual CMA Awards, David Letterman

NBC – Dateline NBC, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Law & Order, Jay Leno

ABC – Sharma & Greg, 2 Guys and a Girl, Drew Carey, Whose Line Is It Anyway? Nightline

Fox – Beverly Hills 90210, Party of Five

PBS- Brooklyn Bridge, Frontline


Friday night  television listings/TV guide – week of September 15, 1998

CBS – Kids Say The Darndest Things, Candid Camera, True Stories From Touched By An Angel, Nash Bridges, David Letterman Late Show

NBC – Dateline NBC, Homicide: Life On The Street, Jay Leno Tonight Show

ABC – Sabrina, Boy Meets World, 20/20, Nightline, Politically Incorrect

Fox – Living in Captivity, Getting Personal, Millennium

PBS – Washington Week in Review, Wall Street Week, Reflections on Vatican II,

Life – Party of Five, Chicago Hope, Movie-Secrets


On Sabrina – Sabrina contemplates seeing her mortal mother.

On Boy Meets World – Corey and Topanga attend the Senior Prom.

On  David Letterman – Chris Tucker, Brian Setzer Orchestra.

On Jay Leno – Brooke Shields, Al Green. 


Music news – September 15, 1998

Look out – Spin Magazine has a picture of Courtney Love in their October edition. There are allegations that Love somehow, had a hand in the death of her husband, Kurt Cobain. In the Spin copy, it’s noted that Love has been called, among other things – “sellout, bitch and killer.” Her band “Hole” has one of the top albums this week.  

 Look out #2 – “The Kelly Family” – a popular music act in Europe is coming to the States. Virgin Records will be distributing Kelly Family music in the U.S. Their last album – “Almost Heaven” sold over 4 million copies. They even ride in a double-decker bus. Shades of the Partridge Family?” 

Rapper Coolio is arrested on weapons and drug charges in Los Angeles. Also Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard is arrested for allegedly threatening to kill security guards in a West Hollywood club.

Top music albums – September 15, 1998

Celebrity Skin – Hole

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill – Lauryn Hill

Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told – Snoop Dogg

Dirty Bogie – Brian Setzer Orchestra

‘N Sync – ‘N Sync

Armageddon – Soundtrack

Can I Bus – Canibus

Back to Titanic – Soundtrack

Hello Nasty – Beastie Boys

Backstreet Boys – Back Street Boys 


Top Pop Hits – September 15, 1998

I Still Love You – Next

First Night – Monica

Touch It – Monifah

I Can Do That – Montell Jordan

Daydreamin’ - Tatyana All

Crush – Jennifer Paige

So Into You – Tamia

Still a G Thang – Snoop Dogg

I Still Love You – Next

Time After Time - INOJ


Top Movies – September 15, 1998

Rush Hour

One Tue Thing

There’s Something About Mary


Simon Birch

Saving Private Ryan


Ever After


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