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Dateline: Events/Week Of August 23, 1998 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

Radio address – At war with Osama bin Laden - President Clinton – saying missile raids on terrorist camps in Afghanistan have been effective – widens the U.S. campaign against the terrorist network superheaded – or linked to Osama bin laden. He warned that Americans must be prepared for “a long battle” and hinted on more military strikes.  This comes as authorities in Washington tighten security and fresh concerns about possible terrorist attacks in Washington. 

Russian president Boris N. Yeltsin fires his government and invites back to power Viktor Chernomyrdin – the prime minister whom he ousted in March.

The value of the Russian ruble plummets 10% in a single day – the larges one-day drop in nearly four years.

 President Boris N. Yeltsin – amid reports he’ll quit amid Russia’s financial crisis, emerges from seclusion and insists on nationwide television that he will serve out his full term.

The Dow loses 357 points – spurred by the collapse of the Russian ruble.

Egypt says it has captured terrorist figure Abu Nidal – a Palestinian extremist.

Wendy’s International renews its soft drink agreement with coca-Cola for 10 years and says it will force franchises serving Pepsi to switch once their agreements end. For one – Coca-Cola said it will provide $100 million to Wendy’s national advertising campaign during the next decade.

More than half a million people flee the sea shore in North and South Carolina as Hurricane Bonnie approaches.


Technology News – August 23, 1998

Intel announces new versions of its Celeron microprocessor. The new Celerons, running at 300 and 333 megahertz, should solve the speed problem by correcting the lack of a cache – or short-term memory used to speed data processing. Although it only has 128 kilobytes of cache, compared with a 512K cache used by the Pentium II processors – the Celeron’s 128K caches is integrated on the same chip as the processor, making about as fast as the Pentium II.


Sports News – August 23, 1998

Tennis - Monica Sales wins her first tournament of the year – the du Maurier Open women’s tennis championship at Montreal.

Mark McGuire hits homer #54 for this season as Sammy Sosa hits #52.


Some best-selling books – August 23, 1998

Memoirs of a Geisha – Arthur Golden

Te First Eagle – Tony Holleman

Bridget Jones’ Diary – Helen Fielding

Rainbow Six – Tom Clancy

Ecology of Fear – Mike Davis

The Day Diana Died – Christopher Anderson

The Nine Steps to Financial Freedom – Suze Oman

Ecology of fear – Mike Davis.


Media News – August 23, 1998

CBS Corp says it plans to form a new company for its radio and billboard operations and sell 20% of it to the public.

Passing – Actor E.G. Marshal. He was 88.


Top movie video rentals – August 23, 1998

The Wedding Singer

U.S. Marshals

Jackie Brown

The Man in the Iron Mask

Good Will Hunting.


Music news – August 23, 1998

Lauryn Hill – getting away from the Fugees, and her first solo album.  – “The Miseducation of LaurynHill” is releases this week. First single of the album is “Doo Wop.”

The Spice Girls say they may add “two new members to the Spice family” – and published reports say that two members of the group are regnant.  Posh Spice, Victoria Adams is expecting a child with her soccer-star boyfriend David Beckham and Scary Spice (Melanie Brown) and her boyfriend dancer Jimmy Gulzar are also expecting.

Actress-turned pop singer – Yes – Tatyana Ali- from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” – has a single out called “Daydreaming,” – described has an R&B hip-hop hybrid.


Television news – August 23, 1998

NBC says that “Frasier” will replace “Seinfeld” as the anchor show for NBC’s “Must See” Thursdays.

With his “The Magic Hour” talk show canceled – Earvin “Magic” Johnson will appear on Jay Leno’s “Tonight” show. The talk show lasted less than two months.

VH1’s “Where Are They Now? which was only on occasionally – will become a regular series in October. 

Actor Bob Denver (Gilligan) pleads no contest to marijuana possession in West Virginia after allegedly possessing about 1 ½ ounces of marijuana and related drug paraphernalia. Denver was placed on six months’ unsupervised probation. He was arrested back on June 4. 

New TV network is announced – Pax-TV and it will be programmed for families. Look for it this week.

Fox’s “That ‘70’s Show” is a hit – scoring 12.56 million viewers – good enough for 7th place in the ratings. Top shows – 60 Minutes, Clinton speech/address, Datelne NBC, Just Shoot Me, Seinfield, Prime-Time Live. President Clinton’s brief address was on the Monica S. Lewinsky matter!


Top Movies – August 23, 1998


Saving Private Ryan

There’s Something About Mary

How Stella got Her Groove Back

Snake eyes

Dead Man on Campus

Ever After

Dance with me

The Parent Trap

The Avengers

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